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WATCH: The Bold and The Beautiful Stars Celebrate Emmy Nominations on Bold Live (VIDEO)

The Bold and the Beautiful stars Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Aaron D. Spears (Justin), Naomi Matsuda (Li), and Ted King (Jack) celebrated their 49th annual Daytime Emmy nominations in fine fashion. On May 13, the actors sat down with supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk on Bold Live to discuss the material they've worked on and reactions to nods.

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Matsuda, Brown, and King all participated in the reveal of Finn's (Tanner Novlan) parentage and the subsequent fallout. Brown said of the storyline:

Casey, it's great that we were given the material that we had to work with. You know, a lot of times the show plays things safe in certain storylines and luckily our storyline just let go. It let loose and it gave us an opportunity to really go after it, so we wouldn't be sitting here if it wasn't for everybody.

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Of her first Daytime Emmy nomination, Matsuda reflected:

I thin I'm still in shock. I really seriously haven't had that moment yet; I think I'm still kind of...this is so surreal that it's happening.

Spears looked back on finally getting to play Justin lashing out against longtime boss and BFF Bill (Don Diamont). He said:

It was fun. You know, as an actor, the whole purpose of acting is you want material that you can act, right? And so for me I think we came into the game with those ideals in place that I would do these big storylines and be, like, this matriarch, or patriarch, I should say, of a Black family on B&B and things just went a different direction. So to be able to come back and have something like this that you can really sink your teeth into...and then hats off too to the writers and the directors for allowing us, myself especially, to just play in the playground.

Check out the full chat below.