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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bo Pulls Off One Last Miracle Before He Fades Away

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 17, 2022
Bo Brady, Days of Our Lives

Peter Reckell

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

St. Luke's: Tripp jumps out of the church window and lands on the ground below. Marlena and Johnny tend to Allie, while John and Eric rush to help Tripp. Marlena gestures at Johnny not to say anything to Allie about Tripp.

Tripp asks about Allie and says the Devil's gone. Tripp passes out and Eric calls for help. Eric comes back upstairs and tells Marlena that John went with Tripp to the hospital. Allie wants to know what's going on. Eric and Marlena tell her as little as possible, but tell her to go home to Henry.

University Hospital: Ghost Bo assures Ben and Ciara that Bo is safe. He explains that one good man made a sacrifice. Bo tells Ben to let his fears about having a baby go. Bo says he has to leave to tend to something else. He tells Ciara to tell Hope that he loves her.

John updates Steve and Kayla that Tripp's in the ER. Kayla starts to electroshock his heart, but it's too late. Ava gets angry at Kayla and accuses her of not trying hard enough. Steve calms her down and Kayla leaves them alone.

Jake tells Ben and Ciara that Tripp died. Ciara realizes that Tripp was the sacrifice Bo was talking about. Jake goes to find Ava.

Horton Square: Ava's not happy about Jake going back to DiMera. Jake says it's his birthright just like it is for Chad and EJ. He adds that he and Gabi are just friends. They decide to head home when Ava gets a call from Steve about Tripp.

Brady Pub: Kate pleads with Lucas to contact her. She doesn't think she can keep Lucas' secret from Roman for much longer. Just then, Lucas walks in. They tell Lucas they have no word on Allie yet. Lucas updates Kate and Roman that Sami broke her leg skiing and is immobile. After Roman leaves, Lucas claims his story is true.

Eric comes in and tells Lucas what Tripp did to save Allie from the Devil. Lucas rushes over to Nicole's.

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Nicole's: Allie's got Henry situated, and wants Johnny and Marlena to tell her everything. Johnny explains that he was possessed, then the Devil went into her. Marlena gets a call from John that Tripp died. Lucas arrives and embraces Allie.

Tripp's room: Ava and Steve mourn the loss of Tripp. Ava collapses onto Tripp, and Jake comes into comfort her and take her home. When alone with Tripp, Steve breaks down. Kayla comes in and embraces him. Meanwhile, Ghost Bo touches Tripp's forehead and resurrects him. Steve and Bo make eye contact before he fades away.

The Last Yards:

-Salem finds out that Tripp is alive.

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Random Thoughts:

-We all know that Kayla's not supposed to be treating Tripp, right?

-Another action-packed episode...these last two days have left me spent.

-Damn, that scene with Steve and Bo! I got chills.

-I liked that most everyone was included in the climax of the Devil story. It was definitely a worthy sendoff after pesky bumps in the road.

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