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Days of Our Lives Recap: The Devil Shifts Into Tripp Who Throws Himself Out The Church Window

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 16, 2022
Johnny DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Lucas Adams

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera mansion: Marlena tells Tripp that Allie has the baby at the cemetery. Tripp says he will go to the cemetery because he loves Allie and will do anything to get her out of this nightmare.

Salem PD: Shawn tells John the Devil wants Bo's body and soul to be his host here on Earth. Shawn gets an alert that Jan's ankle monitor went off. John tells Shawn he will handle Jan to free him up to search for Bo.

Marlena shows up and is upset about Shawn not answering her calls. She tells Shawn about what's happening at the cemetery. 

Cemetery: AllDevil begins the Ceremony of Transference, but is interrupted by Ben and Ciara. Ben tries to enter the wall protecting the pentagram, but gets electrocuted. Charlie taunts Ciara and she asks for heavenly help. Bathed in white light, Ciara tries to push through the wall as Johnny comes around.

Johnny offers to help and AllDevil gets pushed out. The light gets brighter and Ciara gets to Bo. Charlie gets angry and decides to kill Ben. Tripp arrives and hits Charlie with a baseball bat, turning him into a pile of ashes. Ciara tells Tripp that AllDevil went to St. Luke's and he heads over. Ben and Ciara share a moment with their son.

Brady Pub: Belle and Eric talk about the search for Bo. She mentions that Jan is living at the house with Shawn and how it all happened. Eric gets a message about Allie and heads to St. Luke's.

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Shawn's: Jan tells John she took it off because she was bored and wanted Shawn's company. Jan says her baby is her focus and doesn't care about Belle.

Marlena reunites with John as they get a message from Johnny that he followed Allie to St. Luke's.

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Shawn/Belle: Shawn runs into Belle leaving the pub. They decide to go to the hospital together to see Ben and Ciara.

University Hospital: Kayla meets her nephew Bo. Belle and Shawn update Ben and Ciara about what's happening with Allie. Jan calls Shawn for a cheeseburger and breaks the magic moment.

Ciara tells Ben she felt a presence in the cemetery. Bo walks into the hospital room, bathed in white light. Ciara tells Bo that he saved his grandson's life.

St. Luke's: AllDevil remembers when Marlena set fire to the church 25 years ago. She decides she wants to repeat the process. Tripp joins Johnny and the two head upstairs. AllDevil gets annoyed when Johnny tells her to stop. Johnny and Tripp try to get Allie to fight. AllDevil tosses Johnny aside. 

Father Eric comes in and tries to overpower the Devil with John and Marlena. They exchanges words and the Devil says he will leave Allie after he kills her in front of them. Eric and the others start reciting The Lord's Prayer and AllDevil falls to the ground.

Marlena tries to get through to Allie to keep fighting. When AllDevil tries to crack Allie's neck, Tripp says to take him instead. The Devil then moves into Tripp. Tripp says he will kill Allie anyway and jumps for her throat. Tripp tries to fight off the Devil and decides the only way out is to jump out the window.

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