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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Opens up to Sam About Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 17, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Someone watches Chase and Brook Lynn at Leo's birthday party. Leo wants Chase to fulfill his promise to sing a song.

Valentin tells Ned they need to work together so they aren't both cast aside. Valentin says he knows about the merger and Ned will be put out to pasture. Ned says he'll always side with his family over Valentin. Valentin thinks they can work together to get what they both want. He says he cares about ELQ, and believes the merger is risky and will affect ELQ's bottom line. Ned needs to leave, but Valentin tells him to think about what they've discussed.

Olivia notices the way Brook Lynn looks at Chase and tells her to go for it with him. Dante meanwhile, gives Chase the same message regarding Brook Lynn. (And then everyone passes notes in Geography class before playing dodge ball at recess.)

Ned returns to the party in time to accompany Chase on the guitar. Chase sings one of Brook Lynn's songs directly to her. Chase and Brook Lynn agree to spend some time together, just as Linc shows up to throw a wrench into it.

Carly checks in with Sam to see if she has information on Esme. Sam says she confirmed that Esme's bio parents are unknown and her adopted parents came from old money. The money was put in trust for the children, meaning she has siblings. Sam says there was no sign of a criminal record, but thinks there's someone else she can talk to.

Drew and Michael discuss the merger and how they need investors. Carly overhears and is ready to jump in (because what the merger story needed was Carly's input....said no one....EVER!). Michael doesn't want her to risk her money. Michael is certain that with the Quartermaines united, Valentin doesn't stand a chance.

Ava says she sees Trina as a daughter and will always look out for her. Spencer says Trina doesn't need Ava's help and she has protectors she doesn't even know about. Ava says Spencer has sided with Esme, who has hurt Trina and she'll make Esme pay for what she's done.

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Esme believes Ava is ungrateful, but Nikolas calls her out on her disrespect. Esme apologizes and lays it on thick with how much Nikolas has done for her. Esme tearfully tells Nikolas she's not safe here. She explains she found Spencer going through her things because he doesn't trust her. Esme brings up Ava again, just as she arrives.

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Ava's not happy to see Esme. She reminds her that Laura spoke to Sonny and Esme is allowed to leave Wyndemere. Esme says she's banned from the PCU grounds because of their investigation and there aren't many places she can go. Ava mentions seeing Spencer and his argument with Portia. Esme claims Spencer doesn't believe Trina to be innocent.

Esme pushes Ava's buttons by mentioning Avery and Kiki, and Ava is quick to get into Esme's face and warn her never to speak her daughter's names again. (Now that's the Ava I know and love, though I know Esme was pushing her buttons to get Nikolas' reaction.) Ava tells Nikolas he needs to get Esme out of the house, but he says it's his house and he's trying to do right by everyone.

Gladys wants to plan a wedding reception for Brando and Sasha, but Sasha's worried about the paparazzo Felty, who appears to be following her everywhere. Gladys spots the guy and drags him off. Felty says his deal is with Sasha and wants his memory card back in exchange for Sasha's pills. Gladys gives him the card and the photo of Sasha with the drugs is deleted. Sasha thanks Gladys for running interference. Gladys pulls out the bottle of pills and asks Sasha to talk to her.

Sam heads over to Kelly's to talk to Spencer about Esme. Sam asks him who Esme is, but Spencer says he has no idea. Sam says people believe that Esme is guilty and Spencer can be charged as her accomplice. Spencer swears he had nothing to do with the tape and Sam believes him. Spencer agrees to talk to her, but wants Sam to promise she won't say where she got the information.

Spencer says Esme is a monster and he's doing everything he can to expose her. Spencer says he's pretending to be in love with Esme so he can dig up dirt on her. Sam thinks he should leave it up to the professionals, but Spencer says he can get close to Esme. Spencer tells Sam about the pill he found and how it was probably was used to drug Trina. Spencer tells Sam about Maggie and she says she'll look into it.

Nikolas finds Esme preparing to leave, but tells her she's still welcome to stay.

Ava heads back to Spencer and tells him she'll loosen the purse strings on the trust fund if he and Esme move out of Wyndemere. 

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