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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mariah and Tessa Start Their Wedding Journey

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 16, 2022
Tessa Porter, Mariah Copeland, Kevin Fisher, Kyle Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Greg Rikaart, Camryn Grimes, Michael Mealor, Cait Fairbanks, Morgan Obenreder

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Sharon's: Mariah shares a toast with Faith and Sharon while getting ready for the wedding. When Sharon darts off, the sisters talk about how she's doing. Sharon returns with a series of gifts...old, new, borrowed, and blue. Tessa sends Mariah a message to find a gift. It's a note with love messages. Later, Nick and Moses turn up, and the crew heads out for the wedding.

Mariah and Tessa's: Tessa tells Crystal that she and Mariah have managed to keep their dresses a secret from each other. Tessa's still waiting for her dress to be delivered. Mariah sends her a message to find a gift. It's a box full of hearts with love messages. Chloe and Kevin arrive with Tessa's dress.

Crimson Lights: Noah's a bottomless pit of neediness, so Nick tells him how impressed he was with what he did at the Top of the Tower. Nick's concerned about Noah's feelings for Tessa, but Noah tells him that time has made it better. He realizes he was projecting his own feelings from his breakup in London. Nick tells Noah he's been thinking about Cassie.

Abby comes with Allie and they introduce each other. Noah tries to joke about the Abbott-Newman dynamic, but Allie doesn't bite.

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Abbott mansion: Kyle tells Jack that he stayed behind to officiate Mariah and Tessa's wedding. He adds that Summer's coming back home for it as well.

The Grand Phoenix: Phyllis can't fathom why Diane's still in town. Diane's adamant she's changed and needles Phyllis that Jack is starting to believe it too. Phyllis warns her away from Jack, but Diane gets a gleam in her eye. Phyllis accuses her of still wanting Jack and wonders what she's after. Here comes Jack. He tells Diane not to read too much into Kyle staying in town.

Phyllis gets all worked up and tells Jack they can't let their guard down. Jack thinks she's upset about Diane's potential involvement with Summer and she agrees (sure Jack). Jack asks her to be her plus one at the wedding.

Diane/Kyle: Diane takes advantage of the moment and leaves the hotel. She goes to the Abbott's to see why Kyle's still in town. He tells her about the wedding and they exchange awkward pleasantries. Kyle excuses himself and heads to the wedding.

Top of the Tower: The guests greet each other and marvel at Noah's talented design aesthetic (the people and place look great!). Kyle sees Sharon and offers his condolences about Rey. Sharon and Nick get the brides to the head of the aisle and drop them off. Mariah and Tessa take each other's hands and walk toward Kyle.

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