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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Decides It's Time to Move Back Home With Eric

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 18, 2022
Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Brooke's: Brooke thanks Ridge for helping her get through her relapse period. Ridge acknowledges that Sheila poisoned her and Brooke is relieved to know the truth. Brooke wants Ridge to move past that night, but Ridge brings up Deacon and says he doesn't know what to do to that.

Brooke doesn't understand why he doesn't want to work through it together. Ridge declares that Taylor has asked for nothing from him and has been there to help him out. He wonders how he will choose between two great women without hurting one of them.

Brooke says she would never have kissed Deacon if she was sober, even though that sounds like an excuse. Ridge says he loves Brooke, but needs time. Ridge acknowledges he should leave Steffy's and decides to move in with Eric. Brooke believes they will get through this because he is her destiny.

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Malibu: Steffy asks Taylor about Ridge concerning Brooke. She admits she's thinking about how it could play out since Ridge's return was all at Sheila's hands. Steffy thinks what they feel for each other was real, despite the set up. Steffy doesn't think Brooke is completely blameless when it comes to Deacon.

Taylor explains that Ridge's life with Brooke is complicated and full of history. She wants Ridge to come back to her, but is aware of the pitfalls. Steffy assures her mother that Ridge will be back.

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The Back Shack: Bill doesn't think Brooke will find happiness with Ridge. Hope returns. Liam says that Bill isn't on Ridge's side and Hope somewhat agrees he could have handled it better. Hope says that Deacon and Brooke only shared a kiss, and nothing more. Bill has a problem with Ridge being close to Taylor and wonders what's really going on. They all agree they want what's best for Brooke and she isn't there to give any input. Bill and Wyatt leave.

Hope says she was mainly on Bill's side and was glad he was so caring about Brooke's feelings. Liam says he understands his father's point of view since Ridge went to Taylor right away. He doesn't see how that helps Brooke's marriage. Hope isn't ready to give up on Ridge and Brooke.

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