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Perkie Observations: Brook Lynn Runs Into Trouble With Linc on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 18, 2022
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Brooke Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

On today's General Hospital recap: Linc tells Brook Lynn they have unfinished business. He says he owns her songs and they belong to him, but Brook Lynn disagrees. Linc says anything she wrote while he was her producer belongs to him. He says he's been shopping her music around to big name artists and there's been some interest. Linc tells her to re-sign with him and he'll give her the details. Brook Lynn says she has no intention of working with him again, but Linc pushes the boundaries, forcing her to punch him in the face.

After he leaves, Chase questions why Brook Lynn stopped him from being the one to punch Linc. Brook Lynn says Chase is almost off his suspension and she didn't want him to get in trouble again. She admits she didn't read the fine print of her contract and it's possible Linc does own her material. Chase promises to help her, but Brook Lynn says she has to find a way to fix this on her own and pulls away from him.

Gladys confronts Sasha about being back on drugs, which she denies. Gladys warns that if Sasha doesn't talk to her, she'll speak with Brando. Gladys says the deal with Felty was the card for the drugs, which Sasha also denies. Gladys says she saw the photos of Sasha with the drugs and Sasha finally admits she had them. Gladys asks if Sasha was on drugs when she hit Harmony, but Sasha says she only took them because she felt the pressure of the IPO and Liam's death. Gladys says Brando needs to know, but Sasha promises she's done with drugs. Gladys reminds her of Brando's own past addiction, but Sasha doesn't want to burden him.

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Sonny has a car he wants Brando to take a look at and Brando talks about working on cars with Mike. Sonny mentions the problems between him and Michael. He tells Brando that Micheal is actively trying to take him down. Gladys and Sasha show up to tell Brando that Gladys is moving in with them.

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Portia tells Curtis that Trina got the PCU report back and she's worried. Curtis says he wants to find his father and explains his conversation with Stella. Portia sees Stella's side of things and tells Curtis to go and find his father. Jordan shows up and tells Curtis about TJ's trip to New York.

Molly and TJ head to Brooklyn to meet with Mr. Purdy, the owner of the music shop. TJ shows him the clarinet, which Mr. Purdy recognizes. He claims he knows nothing about the owner of the clarinet, but when TJ pushes him, Mr. Purdy admits he knows Marshall. Mr. Purdy offers to ask around.

Curtis calls TJ and says he's coming to New York to help him find Marshall.

TJ and Molly are shocked when Marshall walks into the restaurant. 

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