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Days of Our Lives Recap: Eli Thinks Paulina Should Take The Fall For Lani's Crime

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 19, 2022
Eli Grant, Days of Our Lives

Lamon Archey

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Brady Pub: Xander explains to Eric that Sarah still thinks Mickey is alive. Eric wonders why Xander didn't tell Sarah the truth and thinks it's because Sarah would hate him all over again. Xander says she's been through enough and wants more time. Eric says he has to tell her the truth today.

Xander wants Eric to pretend to leave town with Mickey. Xander gets a call from Maggie that Sarah left the house. Xander races out of the pub.

Nicole's: Nicole is confused by Sarah's arrival and subsequent questions. Sarah comes in and is surprised to see Rafe come out of the bedroom in a towel. Nicole explains that she and Eric split up and Mickey isn't with her. Nicole tries to stop Sarah from running out, but fails.

Xander rushes in wondering where Sarah is. Nicole wants him to explain what's going on with Sarah. Xander is upset that Nicole told Sarah about her breakup with Eric. Nicole refuses to help Xander perpetuate this lie. Nicole thinks Sarah should hear it from him instead of someone else.

Salem PD: Lani tells Paulina she can't let her take the rap for her. Paulina takes the blame for leaving the door open for TR, but Lani says she can't live with the lie. Lani leaves for the hospital when Chanel comes to visit.

Chanel worries that Paulina will be imprisoned for years and admits she's scared. Paulina insists she's not going to prison and says she won't be alone. Paulina tries to assure her she everything will be okay. She comforts Chanel with hugs and tears.

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University Hospital: Eli and Abe question if Lani was the real shooter, and wonder if Paulina is covering for Lani. Eli needs to find out the truth from Lani. Julie comes in and gives Eli a hard time about being out of bed. He tells Julie he has to leave right away. Abe and Julie talk about TR, Lani, and Paulina.

Julie wants Abe to talk to Paulina about his feelings, but Abe doesn't think it's the right time. Julie thinks Paulina needs to hear something hopeful and says he shouldn't wait too long.

Lani arrives and tells Eli not to push himself. He reluctantly gets back into bed. Eli tells Lani he wonders if Paulina is really guilty. He questions Lani's phrasing of what happened and she starts to get angry. Eli thinks Abe overheard Paulina question her about what she did.

Lani doesn't like feeling like she's being interrogated, but Eli still doesn't have an answer. Eli says he wants the truth, no matter what. He says he loves her and promises they will get through whatever comes next. Lani turns to him and admits she shot TR. She explains what happened when she walked into Paulina's apartment that night.

Eli questions whether or not it's crazy to let Paulina take the blame. Lani talks about their oath as police officers, but Eli thinks Lani will have much more to lose than her mother. Eli tells Lani she should let Paulina take the fall.

Eric/Sarah: Sarah comes to the pub and asks Eric where her baby is. Eric tells Sarah to sit down so he can give her some news.

Xander returns to the pub. Sarah is furious with him and runs off. Xander is furious with Eric.

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