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Perkie's Observations: Liz Continues to Unravel Despite Her Family's Support on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 19, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly's at the hospital looking for the results of the DNA test when Bobbie interrupts her. Bobbie mentions the article in The Invader and how she's glad it's showing people what Nina' capable of. Carly's just hopeful the article will kill Nina's petition for visitation.

Bobbie warns Carly to be careful what she wishes for and points out that Nina's hearing could bring out Sonny's protective side for her. Bobbie says it would mean no getting back together for her and Sonny.

Carly says she tried hard to save her marriage, but Sonny was a different man when he came back from Nixon Falls. She says he doesn't value her and she just wanted to be free of him. Carly says Wiley is different and Nina will fill his head with lies.

Carly's hopeful the judge will have read the article and know the truth about Nina. Bobbie asks if Carly is ready to deal if the judge sides in Nina's favor. Carly says she'll do what she needs to to protect her family.

Nina's at The Savoy when a patron recognizes her from the Invader article. She's rescued by Sonny, who scares him off. Nina asks about Michael. Sonny says Michael is trying to take him down and he won't let him tear down his life. Sonny says he had planned on going to the hearing to support Michael, but since Michael wants nothing to do with him, he'll be there to support Nina.

Portia tells Stella that Curtis told her everything, and Stella says she couldn't violate her sister's trust. Stella's happy to hear that Epiphany is studying to be a doctor and the three women decide to go out on the town. The three head to the Savoy where Pif tells Stella about her sort of relationship with Marshall. Stella and Portia tell her the Ashford men are searching for Marshall.

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Marshall's not happy to find out TJ and Molly are in town to find him, and wonders how they know to look for him in Brooklyn. TJ wants Marshall to come home, but Marshall refuses. Marshall says he leaves a path of destruction where he goes, but TJ says he won't let his grandfather walk out on him. The two head out and get stopped by muggers who want the clarinet case, which TJ originally refuses to give.

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Finn checks in with Laura and Kevin about Liz, who spent the night with them. Kevin says Liz believes Chelsea can help her communicate with Franco. Finn doesn't understand Liz's obsession with speaking to Franco's ghost. Liz overhears and says she trusts the dead more than the living.

Liz thinks they all believe she's a fool, but Laura denies it. Finn says she has friends and family she can trust. A vase of flowers on the mantle falls to the floor and Liz says it's because Franco's spirit is upset with them. Liz says she'll call Chelsea to prove to them that Franco is reaching out.

Finn swears he's always on her side. Liz wants him to prove it by staying with her next time Chelsea's around. Finn says he doesn't believe Chelsea is reaching out to anyone. Finn says someone is trying to break them all up and Liz is playing into their hands. Liz has had enough and tells him to leave, which Finn does.

Gregory's in town enjoying lunch with Violet. Finn joins them and tells his father that he's losing Liz. Finn explains about the medium and Franco's ghost, but he believes it's a real person. Finn says every time something bad has happened no one was ever there, but Violet corrects him, saying Liz was there.

Laura and Kevin get worried when Liz disappears from the apartment. Liz heads back to her own house. She finds the drawing that Violet made of their family and tears it up. 

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