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Jeannie Mai on The Real's Cancellation: "It’s Hard Because The Show Was The First of Its Kind" (WATCH)

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is opening about the cancellation of The Real. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier, the show's co-host discussed the chatfest's historic significance and what its departure will mean.

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The new mom said:

It’s hard because the show was the first of its kind. When you have a show that is by minority voices for minority voices, I gotta say, I didn’t have a show like that when I started.

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And even today I’m like, 'Where can I go that has such a great culmination of different aspects and women's perspectives that come from different lives and cultures?' Especially as an Asian woman, I don't see that representation enough.

She added:

So, for me getting off that show was hard because I still think we need a show like that. So, if we open doors for other shows like that to be in production, I’m excited about that. I wanna see that happen.

Watch the segment below.