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The Young and the Restless Recap: Michael Gives Diane Sage Advice on How to Negotiate Genoa City

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 19, 2022
Michael Baldwin, The Young and the Restless

Christian LeBlanc

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Mariah and Tessa's: The newlyweds run through their special day and start to open their gifts.

The Grand Phoenix: Jack escorts Phyllis back to her room. They talk about their kiss and decide to take it further, as in all the way further.

Society: Michael spies Diane sitting alone at the bar, so he asks her to join him. Diane admits she watched Kyle officiate as an uninvited wedding guest. Michael tells her he stepped up and organized her memorial so Kyle wouldn't know how much she was hated. He knows she wants to make amends with Kyle and understands the needs to do it. Michael encourages her not give into her impulses and put Kyle in an uncomfortable position.

Jack and Phyllis come in for a food break. Phyllis is unsettled about seeing Michael and Diane together...again.

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Diane watches Phyllis ham it up with Jack in an attempt to needle her. Diane thanks Michael for dinner and his friendship. On her way out, Diane stops by Jack and Phyllis' table to wish them a good evening. Phyllis makes a remark about her having to pack and leave her hotel. Diane calmly tells Phyllis she's made it very clear how she feels, then leaves.

Phyllis swoops in on Michael's table and wonders WTF he's doing whooping it up with his old pal. Michael notes that Phyllis and Diane aren't completely different in their methods and he'd be on her side if everyone was against her too.

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Abbott mansion: Summer tells Kyle she resents the way Diane came to the wedding to meet her. She says it was manipulative, but she can see Kyle's struggle. Summer wonders if Kyle's ready to accept her. Kyle admits he's on the fence, but doesn't want to sit back and judge Diane's every move. Summer asks to keep Harrison out of the loop as long as possible. The two decide to head upstairs for a proper reunion.

Summer tells Kyle she found some problems with Marchetti's finances and found they are deep in the hole. She thinks it will take a big idea to keep them afloat. Summer wonders if Jabot and Marchetti should team up. It would give them the opportunity to move home, which is something they've both considered.

Crimson Lights: Noah lets himself in and sets up a place to work. Allie turns up. They share coffee and Allie says she's feels welcome, but was used to life with just her and her father. Noah says he's understands, but thinks she should give her new family time.

Back at the hotel: Jack decides to return home after dropping Phyllis off. Phyllis heads up the elevator. Diane makes a comment about romance from the lobby. Jack asks Diane to give Kyle time and space. She tells him Michael gave her similar advice. Diane thinks Phyllis' timing with Jack is interesting. She comments that it's almost like she's marking her territory (AMEN sister!).

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