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Sydney Mikayla Reflects on Second General Hospital Daytime Emmy Nomination

Sydney Mikayla, General Hospital

General Hospital alum Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina) recently received her second Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Young Performer in a Drama Series. The actress spoke to Michael Fairman TV about selecting a reel and her category.

Mikayla's reel contained a variety of scenes. She explained:

I got to show that soft side of Trina, which I really didn’t think we got to see, especially in my first Emmy reel, and her being vulnerable. We never see Trina really make a mistake, so that was really fun. Not that her relationship was a mistake, but more that we never get to see her slip up or say the wrong thing, or just put herself out there, and put her heart on the line. I enjoyed being able to play that and then being able to put it in my reel. Nicholas [Chavez, Spencer] just made it so easy … what an amazing co-star. He just made me feel so comfortable. It was just really fun to do and to include. I also had scenes with the teen scene …there’s five of us! Of course, I had to include Trina’s standoff with Esme (Avery Pohl). I think, it was actually the last clip I put in on my reel.

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And how did she find out she was up for the award? Mikayla recalled:

This year, with being on a college campus and being in person for the first time, it’s really easy to get sick. So, I was not feeling too great. I was sleeping in my dorm when the nominations came out. I still keep in contact with my makeup artist from the show, Ali, and she’s so sweet. We were texting, and she was like, 'By the way, congrats,' and kind of kept texting me, and I’m like, 'Congrats for what?' I looked, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh! I got nominated!' So that was pretty funny, and I screamed through my whole dorm! I posted a video on Instagram because I wanted to keep everyone in the loop, and I really do feel so grateful. I feel all of the support from my friends, and family, and the fans of the show. I always try to make a video every year to try to just be grateful, or say ‘thank you’ because I really want to key everyone into this journey. It was a little bit of a shock, but definitely in the midst of not feeling too well, it was the highlight of my day, for sure! Now, I am feeling that heat of finals at school, but I am so excited. The Emmy definitely breaks up the stress a little bit, so I’m very grateful.

Mikayla's category is gender-neutral, meaning she is up against former co-stars Chavez and William Lipton (Cameron). She mused:

Coming to college, you meet a lot of people who are non-binary. I’ve always wondered how that would work when we are going to have more actors who identify as non-binary as our generation starts to get older and as we start getting cast in these movies. I actually think we are kind of moving towards the future and in the future, it will all be smooshed together for all of the categories. We are going to eventually do away with the Best Actor and Actress because a lot of people don’t identify as either. I think either way, whoever wins is going to win. I’m just really glad to be nominated, and it works for me!