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The Young and The Restless' Peter Bergman: "No One on Earth Knows Jack Better Than Phyllis"

Peter Bergman, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless' Jack (Peter Bergman) might just be back together with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). The Jabot heir and redheaded computer expert have been married twice before, but what makes these two a good pair, despite their previous breakups? They know each other inside and out, Bergman told

Jack's issues with love are entrenched in his mother Dina's (Marla Adams) abandonment, but he's working to get past that. Bergman said:

With each woman that has come into his life, Jack’s learned a little bit that they’re not all Dina. They have altered him somewhat, helping him to become who he is today.

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He noted:

No one on earth knows Jack better than Phyllis. And I would argue the reverse is also true. And now, she is by his side as a partner/companion/confessor/comfort/ally even as he’s dealing with some of the most life-changing experiences one can have.

Bergman added:

These two people never fell out of love with each other. It just got too painful, and that pain goes really, really deep. So as they get closer, both of them are rattled. Because neither wants to relive the mistakes of the past. They are afraid of the pain they caused one another in the past. Can they get past that? But it’s never been a lack of love for one another which holds them back.