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Perkie's Observations: Nina and Bobbie Rumble at The Savoy on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 20, 2022
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Nina Reeves, Bobbie Spencer, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros, Jackie Zeman

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly and Bobbie end up at The Savoy, and are not happy to see Nina and Sonny drinking together. Bobbie wants to say something to them, but Carly stops her. Nina says Sonny has suffered for being involved with her and decides she should leave.

Sonny stops her, saying he prefers having her around. Sonny overhears Bobbie ask Carly about the test results and interrupts to ask if she's sick. Carly tells Sonny that her health is no concern of his anymore. Sonny says he still cares about her health even if they're divorced.

Bobbie tells Nina to drop her petition and the two get into an argument about how Nina stole Sonny. Bobbie brings up evil Nelle and Nina digs up all of Bobbie's transgressions, calling her a prostitute. Bobbie throws a drink in Nina's face, and Carly and Sonny have to break things up.

Finn wonders if Violet is on to something, saying Liz may be doing this herself. Gregory doesn't believe Liz would torment herself and her boys. Finn thinks maybe the sleep aid Liz has been taking might be responsible for what's happening. (Anyone else notice Jophielle had the hiccups, and both she and ME were trying hard not to laugh.)

Marshall and TJ take on the robbers, and Curtis arrives as Marshall is injured. Paramedics take Marshall, while TJ explains to Curtis and Molly what happened. TJ feels badly he fought to keep the clarinet, which caused this.

At the hospital, the doctor asks if Marshall has any medical issues or takes any medications, but the Ashford men have no answers. Curtis tells TJ that Stella knew all along about Marshall and his mother kept it quiet. Curtis sits with Marshall waiting for the test results.

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Taggert confronts Jordan, accusing her of letting Trina take the fall instead of finding who's really responsible. Jordan says the case is now in the hands of the DA. Portia mentions the Title IX report and how Trina is worried she'll be expelled. Jordan says the judge won't allow the Title IX into evidence.

Jordan mentions how much of a support system Trina has and Portia agrees that Taggert has been very supportive. Jordan has a memory of Portia saying something about Taggert and Trina when they were almost killed. Jordan says she heard Portia's voice tell her about Trina and her father. Portia claims she was deprived of oxygen and was talking nonsense.

Taggert runs into Sonny, and swears Trina wouldn't do what she's accused of and Sonny agrees.

Michael and Willow worry about the hearing tomorrow and what will happen if Nina wins. The two declare they will support each other no matter what. The two have wild passionate, drawn out sex, and my fast forward button gets a good work out.

Liz tears Finn and Violet out of the picture then starts cutting into small pieces.

Cameron comes home and talks to Liz, but she appears to be in a trance. Finn heads to the house where he speaks to Liz and gets the scissors from her. Liz snaps out of it and wonders how she got there. Cameron tells her that he found her in a trance cutting up the picture. Liz says she doesn't remember any of it.

Finn says he thinks Liz is the one who's been messing up her life. Finn thinks Liz was sleep walking and Liz doesn't believe it at first. Liz starts to wonder if she was responsible for all of it and Finn reassures her. Finn promises her they'll find out what's wrong with her.

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