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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen Derails EJ and Chad's Plans to Oust Gabi From DiMera

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 23, 2022
Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera: Kristen pops up on the monitor to cast her vote. EJ claims he didn't know where to find her, and Gabi tells her the votes are counted in favor of Chad and EJ. Kristen wants to vote against her brothers to keep Gabi and Jake in their positions.

Kristen complains that EJ didn't want to represent her when she was in jail. Chad complains that Kristen kidnapped his wife. Kristen says DiMera has family representation and disconnects her call.

Gabi and Jake gloat before booting the brothers out of the office. Gabi doesn't want Jake to celebrate with her and Li. She wants to keep things professional and the two leave him behind.

Kristen calls Jake when he's alone in the office. She wants him to push Gabi out of of the CEO position because she's not a DiMera.

Shawn and Belle's: Belle is scolding Jan when Shawn comes in. She tries to lie about why Belle is there, but Belle calls her out. Shawn tells Belle and Jan he doesn't want Belle to move out of her office. The three try to hammer out an agreement.

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Belle's surprised that Jan was serious about babysitting Bo. Belle tells her baby will be a teenager by the time Jan gets out of prison. Belle promises that Jan won't raise her own child because she's unfit. Belle goes after Jan again and Jan grabs her abdomen in pain. Shawn takes Jan to the hospital.

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University Hospital: Johnny tells Chanel he loves her and wants to be there for her. The two kiss and Johnny surprises her with a sudden marriage proposal. He says he doesn't remember anything during the time he was possessed.

Chanel explains what happened between her and Allie after Johnny dumped her. Chanel admits she loves both Johnny and Allie. Chanel's got a full plate of feelings, including mother's legal woes, and isn't ready. She wants to wait and see. Johnny gets the news about the DiMera meeting from EJ.

Allie admits to Tripp she still loves Chanel. Allie thought she, Tripp, and Henry could have been a family. Tripp thinks it was Allie's way of avoiding the truth about herself. He says that Chanel gives her something exciting and new, and he needs someone who is with him 100%. Tripp tells her it's over between them. Allie runs into Johnny and Chanel and tells them what happened.

Jan doesn't have any problems with baby. Belle overhears Shawn reassure and comfort Jan's fears. Belle asks if everything is okay. Shawn wants to get coffee with her, but Belle says he needs to be with his baby and she needs to be somewhere else. Later, Shawn takes Jan back to the house.

DiMera mansion: EJ and Chad are pissed they got bounced out by Kristen. Belle comes in and EJ tells her what happened. Belle and EJ share a drink and wallow in their mutual misery.

Bistro: Li and Gabi discuss her relationship with Jake. He doesn't want to be used to make Jake jealous. Gabi tells Li that Jake's moved on with Ava. The two make plans to have dinner.

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