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Perkie's Observations: Dante Advises Sonny to Put Michael First on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 23, 2022
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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny tells Dante that he'll be testifying on Nina's behalf. Dante says Michael has every right to protect Wiley from Nina. Sonny says Michael is punishing Nina because of him. Dante thinks both Sonny and Michael need to grow up before things go too far. Dante says Michael sees everything as a threat right now. He wants Sonny to think of his feelings for Michael before he gets on the stand on Nina's behalf.

Nina complains to Maxie about the article, and promises she'll be pushing back on Michael and Willow. Maxie's not sure if going for the jugular is a good idea and should look at a compromise. Nina says they don't recognize her rights as Wiley's grandmother. Nina brings up Sonny and how things are going well between them.

Michael and Willow arrive as Nina tells Maxie that Sonny plans on testifying on her behalf. Michael is angry at this news and Willow says Nina has no place in Wiley's life. Maxie tries to broker peace between them, but Michael brings up Peter. Nina counters with Harmony, and Willow claims her childhood memories are intact. Nina questions Willow about the biological parents Harmony stole her from. Willow counters that her bio parents could have given her up. The two continue to argue until Maxie breaks it up again and tells Nina she's making things worse. Nina apologizes to Willow for her comment about Harmony, but Willow is not accepting it.

Carly runs into Brad at the yoga studio. Brad offers his regrets for what he did and tries to advocate on Nina's behalf. Carly's not interested in what he has to say, and Brad says what happened with AJ and Michael could happen all over again. Brad says when Wiley finds out that Nina is his grandmother, he'll feel cheated out of a relationship with her. Carly counters that Wiley will be grateful that he was kept from the crazy that is Nina. Britt reminds Carly that she's Nina's cousin and Wiley is her only family. Carly doesn't care about Nina, but Britt says Nina will not give up.

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Curtis and TJ continue to wait for word on Marshall. TJ says he went through Marshall things, looking for his heart medication. TJ pulls out a bottle of pills he found and says it's an antipsychotic. The doctor tells them Marshall is stable, but hasn't woken up yet. Curtis sits at his father's bedside begging him to wake up, and he eventually does.

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Finn tells Chase about Liz's sleepwalking and tearing up the picture. Kevin overhears and tells them all the things people are capable of while sleepwalking. He offers to speak to Liz to find the underlying cause. Finn tells Chase he's worried about a tumor, though he hopes it's only the sleep medications.

Liz has been taken to the hospital for tests and Terry tells her that her bloodwork is fine. Liz apologizes to Chase for cracking him in the head. Terry gets the results of the scans and says her MRI is normal, which means there is no physical reason for what's happening. Terry thinks the sleeping pills could be the issue and orders more tests.

Liz asks Kevin's advice and he says there could be an emotional component. Finn asks Kevin if the sleepwalking will end now that Liz is aware of it. Kevin says they need to find out the root cause. Liz says she's going to protect her family.

Ned tells Drew he's still opposed to the merger, and the two argue back and forth before Brook Lynn steps in and stops it. Brook Lynn explains to Drew about the situation with her record contract, and how Linc owns her songs. Drew tells her to write more music that won't fall under the contract. Linc sends her a demo of one of her songs that's been changed and Drew tells her to fight. Brook Lynn calls Chase to meet her to help her.

Carly gets a text that the DNA results are in for her to pick up.

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