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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Finn is Very Much Alive Under Li’s Watchful Eye

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 23, 2022
Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tanner Novlan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Hopelessly Devoted: Liam and Hope are at the cabin talking about Kelly and Hayes. He and Steffy told them that Finn is dead. Hope is so glad that Steffy isn’t alone - she has Ridge, Taylor and Thomas. Liam agrees, but then exits to go back to Steffy’s.

Bill enters. Hope tells Bill that Liam is off to check on Steffy. Hope fills in Bill that Steffy remembered Sheila was the shooter. Bill is honestly surprised that Sheila would take out Finn when he was her child. Hope goes on to explain that Steffy and Liam told the kids. Bill thinks Hope should just think of Liam as being on loan to Steffy for a while.

What’s Up With Li? Steffy is at the beach house telling Taylor she wishes her memory had never come back. Steffy says Kelly was brave, but confused when she found out about Finn. Hayes is so little he doesn’t really get it. Taylor wonders if Steffy has given more thought to a memorial service. She wants to have one and wants Li involved. Taylor says she is on the way. Steffy explains that Li took care of all Finn’s arrangements, including cremating him before Steffy could see him.

Steffy tells Li she remembered everything. Steffy tells her it was Sheila who shot them both. Li doesn’t understand why and Steffy explains. She tells Li that Finn was trying to protect her and saved her life. Li isn’t surprised. That’s her boy. Steffy goes on to explain that Sheila is in custody and will have to answer for what she did.

Li can’t imagine a life without her son and says, “I’ll do anything to have him back.” (not “I’d” but “I’ll”). Steffy knows there’s never a good time, but wanted her input on a memorial service. Li wants nothing to do with this conversation. She refuses to think of Finn being gone from this world. Li doubles down and says she will take care of everything related to Finn, and takes her exit.

Steffy wonders if Taylor thinks Li was acting strangely. Steffy got a weird vibe from Li, but they know there is no proper way to grieve. Just then, Liam enters. He wanted to check on Steffy’s state of mind after they told the kids. He gets her some water (Thank God, the water’s here!).

Steffy wonders how she is supposed to move on. Liam believes in Steffy, but she isn’t so sure. Liam thinks she should ask herself what Finn would want. She knows he would want her to go on. Steffy leans on Liam when she realizes again that Finn is gone and never coming back.

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What? What? Li enters a hotel room and looks at a picture of Finn and says, “Sheila Carter…” Li grabs a wash cloth and says as long as there’s still a chance, she won’t give up. The camera pans up to Finn in a bed attached to machines as Li slowly strokes his head.

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Random Thoughts:

-Hope and Bill’s conversation was short, but important. 

-I miss Don Diamont being on screen on the regular. 

-Nice bit of present rather than past tense dialogue when Li said, “I’ll do anything to have [Finn] back.” 

-Li told Steffy she had Finn cremated before she could say goodbye? And no one questioned it? 

-The camera panning up to Finn being not so dead was good soap. 

-Li let Steffy and Liam tell those kids that Finn was dead. They are going to be re-traumatized when they have to reveal he is still alive…it’s not Salem!

Were you surprised at the big reveal? What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.