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WATCH: Maury Povich Discusses Daytime Exit and His Impact on The View (VIDEO)

With Maury coming to an end after more than three decades on air, what's next for host Maury Povich? The veteran daytime host stopped by The View  to discuss his next chapter.

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That includes revisiting his and wife Connie Chung's journalistic roots. Povich explained:

Connie and I, believe it or not, against the grain,15 years ago, lived in Montana in the summer for like 25 years, and so we started a newspaper. And it's called the Flathead Beacon in the Flathead Valley of Montana and it's a great newspaper; it's won every award in the state, so I'll be very active in that.

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Sunny Hostin asked Povich how he thought he helped normalize conversations around challenging topics. Povich reflected:

You know, you ask a good question, because over the years—Whoopi [Goldberg], you'll understand this—any time you go to the edge of something, all of a sudden, critics, they dump on you. And I say to them all the time, 'Look, I'm trying to get fathers into the lives of these kids. Everybody knows that a child has a better chance with two parents in their life instead of one.'

Povich claimed that he had gotten more fathers involved in their children's lives through his program. In response, Joy Behar quipped:

Because you humiliated them on television.

Watch the interview below.