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The Young and the Restless Recap: Michael and Victor Plot to Take Down Ashland

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 23, 2022
Michael Baldwin, Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Christian LeBlanc, Eric Braeden

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Chancellor Park: Diane spots Kyle and Summer in the park. She remarks at the coincidence and Kyle questions if indeed it is. Kyle reminds her she agreed to give him space. Diane offers to go somewhere else, then Harrison comes running up to him. Kyle introduces Harrison to Diane, but leaves out their relationship. After the brief interaction, Kyle and Summer leave.

Crimson Lights: Chloe and Esther discuss Esther's options on her dating app. Chloe balks when Esther wants to run off and meet this mystery man at the park.

Summer thinks she and Kyle need to set boundaries for Diane if they stay in town. Chelsea and Connor come in. Connor joins Harrison, and Chelsea has 1,000 questions about Milan and Marchetti. After she leaves, Summer and Kyle redirect their conversation back to Diane, Ashland, and Harrison. Summer advises Kyle to make his decision about Diane for himself only.

Society: Michael and Ashland needle each other about their recent history. Michael warns him to leave Victoria alone and leave town. Michael says he will start legal proceedings against him. Ashland says he's going stay clear of the Newmans. Lauren comes in and Michael introduces her, but she's not having any of his apologies. (Ashland denies any knowledge of Michael's imprisonment in Peru.)

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Lauren realizes Michael will keep working for Victor. Lauren's pissed and thinks Michael's staying to get back at Ashland. She accuses Victor of using that to keep Michael in place. Lauren tells Michael she's not staying for brunch and leaves.

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Newman: Nikki and Victoria discuss their upcoming spa trip to Switzerland. Victor's onboard, which makes Victoria question if her father will make a move on Ashland while they're gone. They debate about why Ashland is still in town. Victoria says it's because of Harrison. Victoria tells him that she is more angry with him than affectionate, and doesn't want to waste the energy on him any longer.

Michael comes by and Victoria reiterates she's not interested in his plans for Ashland. Victoria and Nikki excuse themselves. Michael wants to use legal action against Ashland. Victor doesn't want a public display for Victoria's sake, but Michael thinks he can force a settlement by forcing Ashland to use up his money on defense attorneys. Victor thinks he's playing it safe because of Lauren.

Back at the Park: Dwight approaches Esther with flowers. They chitchat about her life and catch Chloe spying on them. Chloe apologizes and explains why she's checking up, and then leaves. 

Ashland is in the park looking sad and spent. Diane approaches him to see if he's okay. They introduce themselves and Diane realizes he's Harrison's father. Diane explains she's Kyle mother. 

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