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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Li Blames The Entire Forrester Family For Finn’s Brush With Death

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For May 24, 2022
Li Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Naomi Matsuda

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Beach house blues: Liam tells Steffy she is not alone. She appreciates his support in navigating her grief. Steffy doesn’t know how she is supposed to move on without Finn. Liam offers to play the role of father figure to Hayes, and goes on to say that Hope is happy to help with Finn’s memorial service. She thanks him, but wants Li to be involved. Just then, Chief Baker arrives with what appears to be a grocery bag…it’s their belongings that were taken from the scene of the shooting. Chief Baker exits, leaving Steffy to weep over Finn’s belongings. Liam says Steffy should keep these things for Hayes so he can appreciate them when he is older. Meanwhile, Steffy tries to come to terms with the fact that Finn is dead.

Flashback: Finn proposing on the beach and Finn and Steffy getting married in Eric’s living room.

Trepidatious truce: Ridge and Taylor are at Forrester discussing how Thomas, once again, made horrific choices. She thinks they should give Thomas a break - although Taylor doesn’t seem to know his recent history of causing chaos. Just then, Taylor notices that Brooke is standing in the doorway. 

Brooke tells Taylor she can’t believe what Sheila did and what they had to do to get her to confess. Brooke wants to help and offers to take the kids. Taylor appreciates it, but thinks Steffy needs her kids close. Taylor thanks Brooke as she leaves. What Sheila did was cruel and Taylor wants to support her like Brooke is willing to support her family.

A mother’s motivation: Li is dabbing Finn’s head with a washcloth, saying she’s not willing to let him go when there is still a chance. She tells comatose Finn that Sheila won’t ever hurt him again. Li saved him and now it’s time for him to come back. Flashback: Li in a lab coat and with a stethoscope listening to another doctor say that Finn had a weak heartbeat when they found him in the alley. The other doctor says there is no chance to revive him. We return to present day where she says she wasn’t ready to give up on him then or now. (Is anyone else confused?)

In a twist of fate, the ambulance brought Finn to her hospital instead of Steffy’s. She falsified the death certificate and somehow smuggled him out. She says that anyone else would have given up, but not a mother…not THIS mother. It all went wrong when Finn got caught up in Steffy’s world…the Forrester’s world…which brought on Sheila. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Are we taking bets on how long it will take Liam and Steffy to fall into bed?

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-A grocery bag? Really Chief Baker? 

-Taylor excusing Thomas and not even being concerned about his mental health is a wee bit concerning. 

-Ridge growled words I agreed with for once when he wanted to confront Thomas!  

-Taylor and Brooke cautiously supporting each other works in terms of their frenemy status. 

-Does anyone else think Li blaming the Forresters and Steffy, along with Sheila, for Finn’s shooting is kind of delicious?

-If we knew that Li was a doctor, I completely forgot. 

-Didn’t Bridget say that Finn came to the hospital and was declared dead? 

-Did anyone else think Li seemed a wee more obsessive than just a protective mother? 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.