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The Bold and the Bold Recap: Li Spies Steffy Wrapped in Liam’s Supportive Arms

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for May 25, 2022
Li Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Naomi Matsuda

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Mama drama: Brooke feels a weight has lifted since she found out Sheila was responsible for her drinking. Hope thinks Ridge may move back in. Brooke can’t worry about that now as Steffy is struggling to put her life back together. Hope thinks they all have to support her, and that includes Liam.

Hope tells Brooke that Bill stopped by and they actually agreed on quite a few things, including Sheila switching the champagne labels. Hope and Bill both think Ridge overreacted. Hope reminds Brooke that both Deacon and Bill are “Team Brooke.”

The two go back to discussing Steffy and Liam. Brooke thinks Kelly should spend time with them at the cabin so Liam can spend time with Hope and their brood. Hope tells Brooke she isn’t insecure about Liam being with Steffy and she should just leave it alone. Brooke reminds Hope how Steffy and Taylor played on Ridge’s emotions and now he lives there!

Comatose care: Li tells Finn she could never give up on him. The medical team all gave up on him, but not her. She knew he still had life inside him. He just needs time to heal. She believes he will regain consciousness again and will be able to live his life.

Li’s phone rings and she tells Steffy she can’t talk. Steffy begs her to talk and Li capitulates saying she will come over to the beach house. Li assures Finn’s comatose body this is the way it has to be for now. Maybe she’ll get to see Hayes. She’ll give him a kiss from his daddy.

I spy: Steffy rubs her wedding ring while remembering her wedding day. Liam doesn’t know what to say. Steffy is distraught that her life was just beginning, but now it's over. She tells Liam that Li is on her way over. Steffy also tells Liam she spoke to Jack, but he's staying away because of the tension over his affair with Sheila (Jack exists!). Steffy thanks Liam for supporting her. They embrace just as Li is looking through the window!

Secrets and lies: Li enters the house and wants to see Hayes. Steffy explains that he and Kelly are still out with the babysitter. Liam exits and Steffy starts talking about honoring Finn’s life. She goes on to explain they have told the children.

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Li looks distressed. Steffy wants to see Finn’s ashes. She doesn’t know where his ashes are and had no chance to say goodbye. Li pushes back and says Finn is still with her and there is nothing she won’t do for Finn. Li says she has to go check on a patient and quickly makes her exit. Steffy doesn’t understand why Li is shutting her out. Liam concurs that she was both distant and cold. Steffy thinks Li may be keeping a secret.

Li returns to tend to comatose Finn and tells him she was unable to see Hayes. She is very concerned about both him and Steffy since they all think he is dead. She waxes poetic about how Finn saved Steffy’s life by taking a bullet for her. Li hopes Steffy is worthy of that type of loyalty.

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Random Thoughts:

-I love how Hope reminded Brooke that both Deacon and Bill are “Team Brooke.” YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS, BROOKE!

-Brooke is trying to tell Hope that Liam has less than zero ability to resist a woman in distress. She never listens.

-How did Li get Finn’s comatose body out of the hospital and to the hotel by herself with no one noticing? How did she sneak those machines out of the hospital?

-Li seriously gave me chills with the looks she gave Steffy and Liam through the window.

-Who do you think will go to Li’s hotel room and discovers comatose Finn? Will they live to tell about it?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.