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Perkie's Observations: Liz is Heading Off to Shadybrook on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 24, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn wants her songs back and tells Chase the contract is air-tight. She says since Chase still has a few weeks left on his suspension, he can shadow Linc and catch him doing something shady. Chase points out he'd be breaking laws, but Brook Lynn says she can't sit back and do nothing. She says the songs are her babies and she won't let someone take them. Chase says she's not just mourning her songs, but missing Bailey. Brook Lynn says it's about taking her life back, but Chase refuses to help her.

Gregory and Violet run into Alexis at the park. (Does the director not understand the concept of a Frisbee? Who throws it then chases after it??!) Gregory has a copy of the current Invader article and complains to Alexis about the direction the paper has taken. The two get into a bit of a heated conversation until Violet interrupts. Alexis tells Gregory to write an article for her.

Liz says she's a threat to everyone she loves and needs to go away for everyone's safety. Laura tells Liz she needs to face whatever the underlying cause is. Liz tells Cameron she's a danger to him and his brothers, and she needs to go away to get help. Finn is concerned, but Laura says they need to do what's best for Liz.

Kevin suggests that Liz go to Shadybrook. Finn mentions visiting her there, but Liz refuses. Liz believes there's something deep down preventing her from being happy with Finn and tells him she needs to do this on her own. Cameron promises to take care of his brothers while she's gone. Gregory and Violet head to the hospital where goodbyes are said. Liz hugs Cameron and Finn, and promises to be home soon.

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Marshall calls Curtis a hero for saving him. Curtis blames himself for his father leaving and wants Marshall to come home. Stella shows up and TJ tries to convince Marshall to go back to Port Charles with them. TJ shows Stella the medication he found in Marshall's room and Curtis realizes she's known about them all along. Stella admits there's a story there, but it's Marshall's to tell. Marshall spots the bottle of pills in TJ's hand and promises to tell them everything.

Nina tries one last time to stop the hearing, but Michael and Willow refuse. Nina tells Scotty not to put Sonny on the stand. The judge asks Nina to take the stand and explain why she wants the petition. Nina testifies how she loves Wiley and that he's her only link to her daughter. Nina swears she's a good grandmother and he's her family.

Diane cross examines Nina and badgers her about Nelle. Diane accuses Nina of being in revenge mode and doesn't have Wiley's best interest at heart. Scotty objects, so Diane brings up the Invader articles.

Diane also brings up Nina running into Sonny in Nixon Falls and keeping him away from his family, including Wiley. Nina admits she lied about Nixon Falls, but she loves her grandson. Diane, Michael, and Willow crow that they've won.

Sonny tells Scotty to put him on the stand, despite Nina's pleas against it. 

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