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Cassandra Creech Discusses Grace's Venom Towards Carter on The Bold and The Beautiful

Cassandra Creech, The Bold and the Beautiful

Ever since Dr. Grace Buckingham (Cassandra Creech) arrived in SoCal to see her daughter Paris (Diamond White), she hasn't hidden her disdain towards Forrester Creations' in-house counsel Carter Walton ((Lawrence Saint-Victor) on The Bold and the Beautiful. What's her deal? Soap Opera Digest spoke with Creech to get her thoughts as to why Grace pays Carter a truckload of dust. Said Creech:

I think Grace believes Carter is a good guy, but he’s making some bad choices.

Has she not met her other kid Zoe (Kiara Barnes)? Could the loathing be a pretext for any loving coming between Carter and Grace? According to Creech:

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As for a romance, I do get fan response about that all the time. There is extraordinary potential with the storyline. The question is how daring the writers are going to be. How outrageous will they be with it? But wherever they go, I will be there for it.