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Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina is Warned About Lying on Her Statement

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 26, 2022
Paulina Price, Days of Our Lives

Jackée Harry

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem PD: Justin tells Paulina she's been denied bail because she confessed to killing a man. Paulina wants him to try again, but Justin tells her that her case isn't hopeless, and questions her honesty. Justin says she shouldn't have signed a statement without a lawyer because it complicates her case.

Justin wants to talk about the statement Paulina made. He asks her how she got Lani's gun out of the holster when it was supposed to be snapped in. She claims Lani drew the gun and forgot to snap it in place. Justin explains the statement will be tossed if the DA's office finds any discrepancies in the story. Paulina wants him to get her out ASAP, but he says it's going to be a long process, and leaves her.

University Hospital: Eli drops in on Abe before they head home. Eli denies that Lani is the one who shot TR. He explains what Abe overheard from Paulina was misspoken because of shock. Abe claims he knows what he heard, but Eli tells him that Lani doesn't remember. Eli advises Abe to tell Paulina how he feels.

Horton Square: Lani has a flashback to shooting TR and Chanel asks if she's okay. Lani lashes out at her, then apologizes. She admits she was thinking about TR's last words to her...that he loves her. They talk about Paulina's case.

Xander appears and tells Chanel about what happened with Sarah. He asks Chanel for her advice about getting her back. Chanel asks why her and Xander says he's short on friends. Lani leaves them.

Chanel reminds Xander that Sarah dumped him and Xander explains about the masks. Xander tells Chanel they need to find a way to get Sarah into today's world. Chanel tells Xander about her own issues and gives him some advice before leaving...hang in there.

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Sarah spots Xander and ask if he has time to talk.

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Brady Pub: Xander calls Sarah and she refuses to talk to him. Eric questions if that's a good idea. Eric explains he doesn't know what his future holds, but says Africa's off the table because the organization doesn't want to be connected to a devil possession.

Eric advises Sarah to return to Xander, but she doesn't want to. Eric explains that Sarah already accepted back Xander once before, then Kristen intervened.

Nicole's: Nicole and Rafe talk about Holly and letting her in on their news. Nicole assures him she will be fine. Over waffles, Nicole tells Holly about Rafe. Holly claims she knew because Nicole's been happy and she saw the ring. She bargains for the flower girl gig. Holly asks about Eric's feelings, but Nicole assures her he's happy being a priest.

Lani/Eli: Lani comes to collect Eli. He tells her that Abe and now believes Paulina. Lani tells Eli how scared Chanel is about losing her mother. Eli explains that Chanel is an adult, but they have two kids who need them for the next 17 years.

Abe/Paulina: Abe's discharged and visits Paulina. Abe tells Paulina he's changed his mind about her. He tells her how Julie prodded him to be honest with Paulina about his feelings. That's why he showed up at her apartment that night. Abe says he loves her and wants to be with her. 

Eric/Nicole: Nicole pops into the pub to tell him she's engaged to Rafe. He pretends he's happy for her, then tells her he got booted out of the priesthood.

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