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Days of Our Lives Recap: Romance Blooms and Hearts Break in Salem

Days of Our Lives Recap for May 25, 2022
Days of Our Lives

Remington Hoffman, Camila Banus

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Kayla tells Steve and Ava that Tripp can leave the hospital tomorrow. Ava wants a word with Kayla in private. Ava apologizes for her hurtful words when she thought Tripp was dead and explains why. Kayla listens and is a bit startled by Ava's kind words.

Kayla tells Steve and Tripp about her chat with Ava. Tripp explains what happened with Allie. He says he wants someone in love with him only. Tripp sends them off to dinner. Kayla's worried about Tripp being heartbroken and alone. Steve and Kayla return with a pizza and join Tripp for dinner.

Bistro: Gabi and Li are drinking and Li toasts her success at DiMera. Just then, Jake comes in, asking for signatures on. Li invites him to stay, but Jake declines. Li wonders if Gabi and Jake can work together as exes. Gabi insists she can and Li invites her back to his hotel room. Li says he's attracted to her and Gabi returns in kind.

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Nicole's: Rafe presents Nicole with a new stuffed bear with a diamond ring in its pocket. Rafe gets down on one knee and proposes to a stunned Nicole. Rafe wonders why she's hesitating, but she says she's surprised since they haven't talked about marriage before. They talk about Ava and Eric. Both declare themselves clear and Nicole happily accepts Rafe's proposal. Rafe picks Nicole up and carries her to the bedroom.

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Brady Pub: Sarah's grieving and Kate wonders about their living arrangement. Just then, Eric gets a call from the Vatican. The American cardinals took steps to remove him from the priesthood for performing two unauthorized exorcisms. Roman and Eric are upset, but Kate thinks it could lead him back to Nicole. Roman tells Eric he can still help people if he chooses to stay on that path. Eric reminds them that Nicole has feelings for another man.

Jake's: Jake tells Ava he's upset about Gabi. Ava hands him a beer and acknowledges how good Jake was to her when she thought Tripp was dead. During dinner, Jake decides it's the right time for a kiss, which leads them to the bed.

Salem Inn: Gabi and Li get hot and heavy, and end up in bed.

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