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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Absolves Nina Under Oath on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 26, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: On the stand, Scotty asks Sonny about his relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny explains how he ended up there, but Nina wasn't the only one who kept him from his family. He admits he stopped trying to find out who he was and he didn't want to know who he used to be.

Sonny says he told Nina he didn't want to know his identity so she never told him the truth. He says that he's made peace with it and has forgiven Nina. Scotty asks if Nina should be barred from Wiley's life and Sonny says she shouldn't.

Diane cross examines Sonny. She brings up Nina keeping him from his children and grandchildren, and harming him and his family. He says he's gotten past it, but Diane says his family hasn't.

Diane brings up Avery's birth, and how Nina induced labor and kidnapped the baby. She asks if Sonny has forgiven Nina for that as well. Sonny says Nina had a mental breakdown but believes she has healed. Diane questions why we should trust his judgement about Nina.

Cameron updates Josslyn on what happened to his mother. He's terrified that she won't get better until they find out what was causing the sleepwalking.

Nikolas bothers Britt for information on Liz, but she reminds him about HIPAA (a convenience when the writers need it to be). Britt brings up Spencer and how rude he was to her. Terry has to stop her from raging on. Britt complains to Terry about how rude Spencer was to her. She mentions a singles event and Terry agrees to go with her, even though she's dating someone.

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Chet tells Amy that he was offered his dream job in Chicago, though he never applied for it. He says he accepted the position, but he's been dating Terry. Chet says he and Terry hit it off and feels badly that it will end. Alone, Amy gets a call and thanks them for hiring Chet. Chet heads over to tell Terry that he's leaving.

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Esme wants to spend the afternoon on a romantic picnic, but Spencer says they need to pack. He says Ava has loosened the trust fund strings and they can find their own place. Spencer believes this will be good for them.

Nikolas gets home and tells them that Liz has been hospitalized. Spencer heads out to check on Cameron. Esme gets all teary with Nikolas about Spencer and he reassures her. Esme says she'll miss their talks when she moves out. Nikolas is not happy to hear that Ava gave Spencer his money and storms off.

Spencer finds Cameron and says he'll be there for him, even if it's just to take care of his brothers. After Spencer leaves, Josslyn tells Cameron she thinks they can get to Esme by breaking up her and Spencer. Cameron doesn't like the idea and begs Josslyn not to talk about Esme for one day.

Rory stops by the gallery to check on Trina and the two make small talk about how he became a police officer. He promises that he plans on righting the wrong done to her. Rory wants them to hang out, but Trina's worried she'll mess up his life as well. Rory says he can handle it, just as Spencer arrives and sees them together.

Victor's back in town and bumps into Ava. The two make small talk, including finding Luke's killer. Victor pretends not knowing anything and she tells him that Jennifer Smith was arrested. Victor asks about the vow renewal and Ava says she and Nikolas are pretty much finished. Ava complains about Nikolas and his behavior, and the lack of trust between them. Ava says she deserves better as Nikolas shows up.

Scotty calls Michael to the stand and asks him to talk about Claudia Zacchara. 

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