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WATCH: Drew Barrymore Shares Daytime Emmy Excitement With Seth Meyers (VIDEO)

Drew Barrymore is celebrating six Daytime Emmy nominations for The Drew Barrymore Show. She appeared on The Late Show with Seth Meyers and explained her reaction.

Barrymore revealed: 

I feel like relief is a huge definition of joy right now, too. Like, I'm so relieved that it's working, that we get to stay.

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The actress added:

I'm, like, way too invested. And, you know, season to season you don't know and you're just kind of going to that finish line ... like, you see the precipice and you get more and more increasingly depressed at the idea of it not coming back. And you know, everyone's like, 'How are you?' and you're like, 'I wish I could just tell you I'm so miserable, distracted, and screwed up.' Because I just really want this to continue, like, we're building something here and so I'm so relieved.

Watch the full chat below.