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The Young and the Restless Recap: Diane and Nikki Try to Smack Sense Into Each Other

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 25, 2022
Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Traci in the Park with Diane: Traci walks into the park and finds Diane sitting and contemplating life. Diane says she is hoping to run into Kyle and Harrison again. Traci says she’s out of luck because Summer found a children’s musical activity for Harrison.

Diane waxes poetic about how amazing it has been to see Kyle all grown up and a father, as well. Traci explains how Tara was arrested and carted off to prison so quickly, which led Summer to step up into the mother figure role.

Diane thinks Traci may be trying to make her feel bad, she clearly doesn’t remember Traci, who quickly explains she would never do that. In addition, she actually believes that Diane has changed and is looking to establish a legitimate relationship with Kyle.

Diane apologizes and explains about all the attacks she’s faced have left feeling defensive. Traci gets it, but reminds her that she’s had years to deal with her actions, but everyone else is trying to get used to the bizarre fact that she is actually alive.

Diane gets it, but says she just wants to be a part of Kyle’s life. Traci reinforces that Kyle is torn. Diane understands because Kyle needs to take his entire family into account. Traci believes Kyle will make the correct decision for his entire family. As she leaves, Diane thanks her.

Grand Phoenix Gossip: Phyllis and Summer are discussing Diane. Phyllis tells Summer that everyone should keep their guard up, mostly Jack. Summer gets that she is looking out for a friend. Phyllis explains they may be more than friends. Summer does her best to be supportive of her mother. Phyllis doesn’t seem completely comfortable with this discussion.

Phyllis asks about Summer’s encounter with Diane in the park. Summer explains that Diane made a good impression on Kyle. Phyllis thinks she is “acting good” to entice both Kyle and Jack. They continue their conversation by simply trashing Diane. Phyllis plays full on martyr and says she convinced Jack to let Diane try her best to woo Kyle.

Summer thinks Phyllis is self-sabotaging her relationship with Jack, and maybe it’s a jealousy thing. Phyllis is NONE TOO HAPPY about that comment. She would never use Jack in that way! (Really?). Once again, they try to change the subject.

Phyllis wants to know about Summer’s job in Milan. However, Summer is less than enthused to discuss it. They settle on Harrison. Their discussion reveals that Phyllis is out of the loop. She doesn’t know that Ashland lied about his cancer. As they review the events of the last few months, it appears that Phyllis may be enjoying Victoria’s misery. She assures Summer that even she isn’t that petty - really Phyllis?

Generational Drama: Jack explains to Kyle that Summer is visiting with Phyllis. Kyle tries to bait Jack into a conversation about Phyllis, but he is brutally rebuffed. Kyle thinks something is off about the situation with Jack and Phyllis. Jack tries to talk smack and then admits he has no clue what is happening. Kyle wonders why he is assuming the worst rather than enjoying the process.

They review the events of the past few days and Jack audibly wonders why Phyllis went from being cautious about their relationship to going full steam ahead. What’s the difference? Kyle doesn’t get it. What is the connection between Diane’s return and Jack’s relationship with Phyllis. Jack CORRECTLY wonders if Phyllis’ new found confidence in their relationship is about Diane’s return.

Jack reminds Kyle that Diane and Phyllis are just naturally competitive. They change the subject and focus on Kyle’s thoughts about Diane’s return. Kyle admits that he truly thinks he wants to give Diane another chance. They shift back to Ashland and talking about Jabot. Just then, Traci enters. She tells Jack and Kyle about her discussion with Diane. Traci reinforces Kyle’s thoughts about giving Diane another chance based on her behavior. Jack doubles down and says he will support Kyle, but he needs to remember just who Diane is.

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Society Face Off - Victor vs. Ashland: Nikki, Victoria, and Victor are hanging out at Society talking about the protections they have in place to watch over Newman during their trip to Switzerland. Ashland approaches their table. He wants to have a word with Victor, who only wants to remind him of the money he paid him to get the hell out of town. Victoria and Nikki exit and he invites Ashland to sit down.

Ashland says what he did to Victoria is despicable and he will regret it to his dying day. Victor reminds him he was already supposed to die. Ashland still loves Victoria and accepts blame that he MAY have lost her. Victor corrects him and says he DID lose Victoria. Victor claims that Ashland is pathetic and thinks he is still trying to manipulate folks. Ashland reminds Victor that Victoria loves him. Victor wants him OUT of Genoa City and takes his leave.

Crimson Lights Smackdown: Diane is at Crimson Lights doctoring her coffee when Nikki arrives. She is stunned that Diane is still in town. Nikki pulls the petty card and insists Diane is more interested in Kyle’s bank account than his love. She goes on to say that all she wants from her is to just disappear - that’s Diane’s specialty, right?

Diane reminds Nikki that she is trying to reunite with Kyle. Nikki gives zero f****. She goes on to say that Kyle will see right through her and was better off when she was DEAD! Diane promptly smacks Nikki across the face and Nikki smacks her back! Just then, Victoria enters and does her best to separate them. She is stunned to see Diane. How is she alive? Diane says she has followed Victoria’s career from afar and congratulates her on the success. Victoria reminds Nikki they need to catch a plane. Nikki continues to get shots in as Victoria drags her out. Just then, Victor enters.

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Random Thoughts:

-How much do we all love Traci? 

-Traci and Diane’s dynamic is engaging on a different level. 

-Phyllis and Summer’s scuttle about Diane’s return isn’t nearly as engaging as the aforementioned connection.

-Does anyone else want Diane to verbally eviscerate half of Genoa City? 

-Jack and Kyle’s odd discussion of his brimming relationship with Phyllis was more than a touch cringe-worthy.

-Victor and Ashland sizing each other up was more entertaining than I anticipated. 

-I think I’m supposed to root for anyone besides Diane, but all I could think at the end of the episode was, Diane is just trying to have coffee. Why is Nikki bothering her?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.