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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Grills Michael About His Checkered Past on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 27, 2022
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Scott Baldwin, Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Kin Shriner, Chad Duell

On today's General Hospital recap: Scotty asks Michael about killing Claudia, but Diane objects. Scotty tells the judge he's testing Michael's own fitness in regard to parenting Wiley. Michael admits he felt relief once Josslyn was back with Carly. Michael doesn't understand why Scotty is asking since it's all public record and he served seven months of a five year sentence.

Scotty asks about Michael taking Avery, but he answers he was protecting his sister. Michael feels Wiley needs protecting from Nina. Scotty continues to push Michael, and Diane continues to object.

Diane questions Michael about the number of times Nina visited Wiley in the six months she was in Nixon Falls. (Hey, they finally said six months instead of nine. Someone on the writing staff finally learned how to count on their fingers!) Michael mentions she saw him twice and Nina upset Wiley with talk of Nelle being his mother. Michael claims he's not trying to punish Nina, but he's keeping her away because she's emotionally unstable.

Spencer interrupts Trina and Rory saying he's there to do his restitution. Trina says he can't because Ava told her to close up early. After Rory leaves, Spencer tells Trina that Ava is allowing some funds from his account in exchange for leaving Wyndemere. Trina says he's supposed to be making up with his father, but allows Ava to buy him off. Spencer says Ava and Nikolas can repair their marriage without him and Esme underfoot. Spencer gets angry when Trina decides to head out to spend time with Rory.

Nikolas demands time alone with Ava, though Victor feels he should stay and referee them. Ava and Nikolas argue, and Nikolas explains to Victor that Ava has driven Spencer away, which she denies.

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Ava complains about Esme, and when Nikolas defends her again, she says only he and Spencer believe that Esme is a victim. Ava says Spencer is young and stupid, and wonders what Nikolas' excuse is. Nikolas says he was building good will with Spencer while both of them were at Wyndemere. Ava says she gave Spencer an allowance in exchange for them moving out. Ava says Spencer choosing the money and moving out proves what type of person he is. Victor tells them they need to compromise, but neither Ava or Nikolas are willing to take his advice.

Nikolas and Ava continue to argue until she decides it's time to walk away. Nikolas says it's always worked between them, but Ava says it doesn't anymore. Ava says she's the best thing that's happened to him and hopes he'll see it before it's too late.

Chet tells Terry about the job offer while Amy eavesdrops. Terry's thrilled for him until he tells her the job is in Chicago. Amy runs in telling Chet not to take the job. Amy says she sent his resumé to the headhunter. She wanted to keep them apart because she and Terry clash a lot and is sorry she caused trouble. Chet decides he shouldn't take the job, but Terry feels that he should.

The Metro Court pool is open for the season and Rory heads there from the gallery. Trina gets there in time to see Detective McHottie come out of the pool looking all fine. The two hang out and Trina is thankful for his company.

Spencer gets back to Wyndemere angry and Esme thinks it's about Trina. Esme wonders why every encounter with Trina triggers something with him, but Spencer claims not to know why. The two argue and Esme says she's willing to do anything for him. Spencer decides to leave and Esme tells him she won't be here when he gets back. Spencer isn't happy with the ultimatum and Esme counters that he's treating her poorly.

Willow confronts Nina in the courthouse. 

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