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Perkie's Observations: Willow Demands Nina to Drop Her Visitation Petition on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 31, 2022
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Willow Tait, General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen

On today's General Hospital recap: Residents of Port Charles gather at the Metro Court pool for a Society Setup event, part singles mixer, part charity event. Dante questions Chase about his non-relationship with Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn complains to Dante about Chase, while Chase has his own issues that he discusses with Austin.

Drew runs into Britt, who says she's there because of the matchmaking app her mother signed her up for. Britt wants to leave, but Drew convinces her to stay a little longer.

Sam questions Spinelli's new look and what's happening with him, which he refuses to talk about.

At the courthouse, Michael's worried how Wiley will react when he learns the truth about his past and whether he'll forgive him. Michael doesn't want Wiley to see him the same way he sees Sonny. Carly reassures him the judge won't grant Nina her petition.

Willow grabs Nina's arm and tells her to give up her fight for Wiley and demands to know why they put Michael on the stand. Nina reminds Willow that she's the one who forced their hand, but Willow's still angry they painted Michael as abusive to women.

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Willow brings up Nelle trading babies. Nina says she never had a chance to raise Nelle, but Willow says Nelle inherited her mother's nature. Nina brings up Harmony and Michael has to stop Willow from going at her. Willow goes off on a tangent about the evil of Nina and how she's not worthy of Wiley. She promises she will protect Wiley from all things Nina. Willow tells Nina to drop the petition to give Wiley a new lineage, but Nina refuses.

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Scotty and Diane return from the judges chambers and Scotty complains to Nina that he was chastised by the judge. Diane calls Willow to the stand and asks why Nina shouldn't be awarded visitation. Willow claims Nina only loves Wiley on her terms and shouldn't automatically be allowed a relationship. Willow says she's putting Wiley's needs ahead of her own. Scotty stands up to cross examine, but Nina stops him. The judge says she'll issue her ruling.

Carly heads to the hospital to pick up the DNA results.

Chet thinks he should stick around and find out what's growing between him and Terry. Terry tells him not to turn down his dream job to stay with her. Chet wonders about a long distance relationship, but Terry tells him that he needs to focus on the job. Chet decides to take the job.

Laura finds Ava at the gun range. Ava complains to her about Nikolas and how she can't trust him anymore. Laura mentions putting in a good word for Avery at a private school at Nikolas' suggestion. Ava's surprised since Nikolas is refusing to work on their marriage. Laura wonders if Ava would rather be right than happy and thinks she should fight for Nikolas.

Esme tells Nikolas that Spencer left her again and shares a drink with him. Esme says her relationship with Spencer is over. Esme pushes hard that Ava should be putting Nikolas first or he should find someone who will. Esme turns on the charm and flirts like it's her job. Esme says she wants somewhere to belong. Nikolas says he wants her and the two kiss. 

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