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The Young and the Restless Recap: Tensions Rise Between Devon and Nate Over Their New Business Venture

The Young and the Restless Recap for May 31, 2022
Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless

Bryton James

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

The Penthouse: Elena comes home between shifts and crosses paths with Nate, who's on his way out. Elena has a dream that she's watching Imani and Nate from the sofa. When Imani invites him upstairs to the shower, she wakes up.

Crimson Lights: Sharon tells Nick she got a lot off her chest when she railed on Ashland and it made her feel better. Chance comes to see her, but Nick doesn't stray too far as the two talk about the wedding and how she's doing.

Imani tells Nate she likes his bold ideas, and finds Devon and Amanda a bit conservative. Nate's gone when Elena comes in. Elena and Imani are talking about work when Amanda shows up. When Elena leaves, Amanda asks what Imani's up to and reminds her that Nate is off limits.

Nick brings up the anniversary of Cassie's death and says he needs to follow their tradition at the cemetery. He admits he's worried that Sharon hasn't brought up going. Sharon mentions how she realized that Cassie's been gone longer than she was with them. With Rey gone, it was too much. They agree to go together. When they return, they share a warm embrace.

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Devon's: Devon tells Amanda he's trying to settle into his new routine with Lily and Nate. Amanda admits she's having the same problems with Imani.

Billy, Nate, and Devon meet about business. Devon tells Nate his announcements for the launch are premature. Nate counters that being bold and open is the route they should take, but Devon thinks giving too much information can alert their competition. Billy suggests a happy medium.

Society: Abby tries to get snarky with Diane, but she doesn't bite. She tells Abby that Kyle wanted her to stick around Genoa City. Abby tells Diane no one really cares about her next move and Diane apologizes for her past discretions. Abby claims her opinion about her will never change and Diane expects nothing less.

Billy joins Diane and Abby's not thrilled. Diane's happy to have a break from the hostility and Billy wants to know what her plans are. She explains that Kyle may be moving back and asked her to stick around. Diane says a permanent return would happen if all goes well. Billy tells her to be the best version of herself and not to try to recreate other people's paths. He thinks if redemption is possible for him, then he has to believe it can happen for other people.

Back at the Penthouse: Nate talks to Elena about his disagreement with Devon. Nate hopes it's just growing pains. Elena encourages him to be patient and the two get romantic.

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