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Perkie's Observations: Carly Learns The Truth About Nina and Willow on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 1, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Michael texts Carly to return to the courthouse, which stops her from opening the DNA results. Judge Foster denies Nina's petition for visitation with Wiley. Nina begs Michael and Willow to reconsider, but Willow yells at Nina that she can't be trusted. Michael claims he and Willow are protecting Wiley from her.

Scotty tries to comfort Nina, but she's too upset and storms out. Nina heads to the cemetery to talk to Nelle's grave.

Diane, Michael, and Willow break their arms patting themselves on the back at how wonderful they were in defeating Nina. Carly worries about how Willow is feeling, but she says she's happy that Wiley is protected legally from his mean ole' grandma's love.

Anna meets Valentin at the gun range (apparently it's the new IT place). Anna's still bitter that Valentin disappeared on her for months, but he promises he's back for good. Anna says she wants an evening with him and tells him to pick her up later. After she leaves, Valentin gets a call from Victor.

Maxie joins everyone at the Society event and doesn't understand Britt's annoyance at being there. Britt is surprised when Terry shows up. She explains about her breakup with Chet. Britt continues drinking and feeling sorry for herself.

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Brook Lynn claims she's not mad at Chase for not helping her with Linc and apologizes. Chase says he's decided to help her after all. He promises to keep an eye on Linc.

Dante questions Drew on whether he's helping Michael dismantle everything Sonny built. Dante says Michael will use ELQ to target Sonny, which surprises Drew. Drew says he won't let Michael weaken ELQ and promises to talk to him.

Britt loses her mind, screaming at everyone that love doesn't exist in Port Charles, as a helicopter flies above. Britt is knocked into the pool by a parachuter making an entrance.

Esme continues to suck Nikolas' tonsils out in an attempt to inhale his taste buds. Nikolas locks the door and the two get down and dirty on the floor. After the deed is done, Nikolas says he feels like he took advantage of her, but she says he's been very kind and caring to her. Esme is glad they found each other, but Nikolas feels guilty. Esme says no one else needs to know.

Spencer gets home and spots Esme's suitcase by the front door. He sends her a text, but she doesn't respond. Ava shows up as well and Spencer reminds her about the trust fund. He says he wants to move into a five star hotel, but Ava says she won't give him the money until he's officially gone. The two head upstairs and find Esme's jacket by the locked room.

Michael spots the envelope in Carly's hand and asks about it, just as Drew arrives. Carly remembers opening the envelope at the hospital and getting the results that Nina is Willow's mother. 

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