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The Real Co-Hosts Reflect on Eight Seasons Ahead of Final Episode

Ahead of The Real's finale, which airs tomorrow, June 3, the hosts are reflecting on the talk show's eight seasons. In a preview clip of the last episode obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Loni Love, Adrienne Houghton, Garcelle Beauvais, and Jeannie Mai Jenkins looked back on their impact.

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Houghton mused:

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We have made our mark. I was talking to my mom earlier this morning. She knows this is the farewell show, and she was just telling me, 'You guys really did break the mold of daytime television,' and it's so crazy when you think of it that way. There was never a show that looked like us.

Love added:

We were able to talk about things that some people, they just ignore. When you look back at eight seasons, over 1,300 episodes, it's phenomenal and it's historic. We hope that our example, with what we've done, can continue. Don't let this end. Get another show like this together, with fabulous women, because we have a whole future of things that we still have to fight for, like justice and equality. We can't be afraid to talk about this.

We've had deep discussions, and when you have multicultural people on, from different cultures, we've been able to cover AAPI, we've been able to cover the Haitians, we've been able to cover the Latinas, the Black people, the women. We are so proud, and we will not be sad today. We celebrate.

Peep the preview of the final ep here.