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The Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Goads Phyllis Into Blurting Out The Truth to Jack

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 1, 2022
Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Abbott mansion: Kyle and Summer tell Victor they want to talk about legal issues. Victor's happy to hear they want to move back, but he's concerned about Ashland. Kyle says they want to file a restraining order, but isn't in a rush. Summer sides with Victor to move quickly because of what Ashland is capable of. Victor suggests he do the same for Diane and Kyle declines. Victor says Michael will handle it for them. Victor compliments Kyle on taking control of his role as Harrison's father.

Michael comes by with the paperwork. Summer assures Kyle he's doing the right thing. The two agree to stand against Ashland. Summer reminds Kyle they need to dismantle the standing agreement they have.

Society: Adam taunts Ashland about his misfortunes. Ashland says if Adam isn't the town pariah, then no one pays attention to him. Adam tells him Victoria left the country, but Ashland tells him she didn't abandon her job. Adam texts Sally that Ashland is determined to win back Victoria. Ashland gets a text that the nanny is taking Harrison to the park alone, so he leaves.

Crimson Lights: Phyllis tells Jack she's been cheerful since she hasn't brought up what's her name...who promptly makes an appearance. Phyllis decides to plant one on Jack. Diane comes over and comments that it looked staged. She thinks she deserves credit for getting them back together.

Jack has to take a call, and leaves. Phyllis tells Diane how much Jack hates her. Diane says it's flattering his feelings are so intense and leaves her marinate in it. Diane gets a text from someone, curses about Phyllis, and heads out.

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The Grand Phoenix: Phyllis escorts Jack a hotel room. Jack asks if Diane's appearance had something to do with her sudden romantic mood.

Diane comes to pick up misdirected mail. Phyllis vamps it up for show and Diane confronts her about the mail. Jack pulls her aside and wonders how Diane showed up at the right time. Phyllis denies setting it up. Jack leaves to take another call. After his call, Jack recalls everything Diane said about him and Phyllis.

Phyllis approaches Diane, who's sorting through her mail. She tells Diane to stop filling Jack's heads with ideas. Diane accuses her of being a bad liar and insecure. Phyllis bucks up and yells about how much Jack hates her. 

Diane can't get over the public display Phyllis is making over sex with Jack. She tells Phyllis this round with him won't be any different than before. Diane adds that Phyllis can land men in bed, but can't keep them. Jack wanders in and hears Phyllis crow that she was, in fact, marking her territory, but it doesn't matter because her relationship with Jack is real.

Newman Media: Victor's in Adam's chair. Talk turns to the Grinning Soul podcast and how it's gaining traction. Adam complains he wasn't able to get one off the ground because of Victoria. Victor tells him to stop whining and do his own podcast. Adam thinks Victoria will come home and shut him down. Victor fills Adam in on the restraining order.

Chancellor Park: The nanny isn't thrilled to see Ashland. Ashland asks for a few minutes alone, but the nanny won't leave. Kyle and Michael intervene and ask the nanny to take Harrison away. They tell Ashland about the restraining order and bar him from coming near Harrison. Ashland threatens to take them to court, but Michael reminds him how he lied about dying to Harrison. Kyle wants him to leave town.

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