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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor and Brooke Place Ridge in a Precarious Position

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for June 2, 2022
Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Reunited, And It Feels Slightly Awkward: Brooke is reminiscing about a kiss with Ridge when Deacon appears. Brooke reminds him that Ridge would be upset if they were seen together. Deacon just wants to make sure she is okay. Brooke isn’t trying to hurt him.

They go over what Sheila did to Brooke. Deacon feels responsible because of all the time he spent with Sheila. Deacon also wonders where things stand with Ridge. When Brooke acknowledges there has been no movement, Deacon wonders if Ridge even deserves her. Deacon goes overboard supporting Brooke. She appreciates it, but must exit so she can go see Ridge.

Just The Tip: Ridge and Eric are talking in the Forrester living room about his future. Eric gets a text and says there is some place he has to be…more pickle ball.

Taylor walks in just as Eric exits. She wants to check in with Ridge to make sure they both think Steffy made the right decision by leaving town. As they talk about it, Ridge says he just wants Sheila to get what’s coming to her.

Taylor wants them to focus on the positives - like each other. Taylor brought food from Ridge’s favorite Chinese place. When he asks what he owes her, she says… “Just the tip.” Tee hee. Just then, Brooke enters.

The Bickersons: Brooke reminds Taylor that Ridge is here to get some time by himself. Taylor says it’s ironic that Brooke is making that point when she is also in Eric’s living room. Taylor reminds Brooke that Steffy just left and they are all dealing with the fall out. Brooke gets it, but still wonders why they are having dinner together. Taylor once again reminds Brooke about Steffy. Taylor turns to Ridge for confirmation that they need some time alone together…as Brooke looks on.

Unrequited Loyalty: Quinn is styling a model at Forrester when Carter walks in. She wonders what he thinks of the jewelry. Carter looks at Quinn and says, “perfection.”

The model leaves and Carter tells Quinn he just wanted to see her. Carter is beside himself because he just can’t stop wanting Quinn. She worries that Paris is suspicious and encourages Carter to put his game face on.

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Eric is SO loyal. They can’t betray him again. Carter gets it, but reminds her he has never felt a connection like theirs ever. Quinn is moved by Carter’s feelings, actions, and love. That being said, she is dedicated to Eric.

Eric sets his keys down in Donna’s bedroom and gets a text indicating that she is stuck in traffic. Eric prepares by pouring two glasses of wine and looking longingly into the distance.

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Random Thoughts:

-I love Deacon and Brooke.

-I love Taylor and Ridge.

- “Just the tip” was the line of the day!

-Quinn and Carter exude chemistry even when no words are spoken.

-Donna sending that text with a honey pot and a bear.

What were your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.