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Joshua Benard Discusses General Hospital Return

Adam, General Hospital

On today's episode, General Hospital will welcome back Joshua Benard, son of Maurice Benard (Sonny), as Adam. The young actor sat down with Soap Hub to talk about his character and co-stars.

Adam knows the other teens of the town very well. Benard said:

The last time I was on, I had a scene with Eden McCoy [Joss]. She’s amazing. William [Lipton] was there — but I don’t think I had a scene with him. This time, I have a scene again with Eden and also, William. Adam is a student. There’s a lot about this character, I think, that can still unfold. Right now, we don’t know much about him. You’ll see the real side of Adam [in this episode]. No one knows if that’s bad or good.

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And does he get advice on acting from his famous father? He dished:

It’s funny…I like getting instruction or guidance even when it’s going well. But my dad’s so funny now. He said, 'No. You’re good. If you’re bad, I’ll tell you. You’re doing good.' The last time I was at the show, he didn’t even come.

Benard also takes inspiration from some familiar faces in daytime. Asked which actors he admires, he responded:

Of course, my dad. (Laughs) That’s obvious! He’s a role model. I also like Eden. She’s great to do scenes with. I also like Bryan Craig [ex-Morgan Corinthos] and I watched an old scene with my dad and Dominic [Zamprogna, Dante Falconeri]. That was amazing.