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The Young and the Restless Recap: Phyllis is Her Own Worst Enemy

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 2, 2022
Phyllis Summers, The Young and the Restless

Michelle Stafford

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Her Own Worst Enemy: Jack is fretting when there is a knock on the door. It’s Phyllis, who busts in despite Jack’s desire not to see her. Phyllis tries to get Jack to un-hear what he heard her say to Diane.Phyllis begs Jack to not let Diane have power over him. Jack knows that Phyllis was being calculated and tawdry. She seems blindsided that Jack would think that way about her - HAHAHAHAHA.

Phyllis loses her s** and screams that IT’S ALL ABOUT DIANE! She admits to staking her claim and how she can’t get between them. Jack also loses his s*** and says Diane has definitely gotten to her! Phyllis tells Jack they are real and she loves who she is with him. Jack is unmoved since he actually heard what she said to Diane. Phyllis hopes he won’t give up on them now. Kyle and Summer walk in and Phyllis makes her exit. Kyle wants to listen if Jack is willing to talk.

Crimson Lights Convos: Diane has a confession to make to Kyle and Summer. She told Phyllis and Jack about Kyle and Summer’s plans to stay in Genoa City - and Ashland was there. She has learned everything about Ashland now and knows not to let him manipulate her.

Kyle lets Diane know about the restraining order. Diane gets it, but can’t help but feel sorry for Ashland since he seems to love Harrison. Summer gets snarky, just as Amanda walks up to say hi and establish herself as Phyllis’ friend.

Allie walks in and reunites with Diane as Kyle and Summer head out. Allie decides to stay and catch up with Diane. Diane apologizes for blindsiding her in California. Allie is actually grateful at the result even though her methods were deceptive, which Diane admits to.

They shift topics and Diane beams when she talks about her new relationships with Kyle and Harrison. Allie still isn’t thrilled with her. Diane admits she feels responsibility for her and that’s why she wanted to have coffee. Allie said she would be more likely to ask the Abbotts for help than her. Diane responds with a sly grin, “would you?. Allie doesn’t completely trust Diane. She’s been warned about Diane - who gets it. Diane is hoping that some day down the road they can be friends.

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You Are Not My Conscience: Imani saunters into the lobby of the Grand Phoenix and sees Lily has already arrived. She kind of looks her up and down. They talk business when Imani tries to run ideas by Lily that Amanda turned down. Talk turns to Nate, which makes Imani very happy - just as Amanda walks up.

Nate and Devon join the party and they discuss the launch party. As Imani is getting invested in the conversation, Amanda gives her side eye and pulls her away. Once again, she warns Imani to stay in her lane where Nate’s concerned. Imani tells Amanda she may be her boss and her sister, but she’s not her conscience - so back off!

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- I love Sally and Adam. Le sigh!

- The Abbott living room will need redecorating as ALL OF THE FURNITURE, RUGS, WALLS, FLOORS, AND CEILINGS were wholly consumed!

- Diane Jenkins letting Phyllis hang herself is delicious.

- Imani adds a needed layer of depth and self-centered interest to the Hamilton-Winters-Chancellor merger.

- What were your random thoughts about today’s episode? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.