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Perkie's Observations: Ava Tries to Make Inroads With Nikolas and Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 3, 2022
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny finds Nina's necklace at the graveside, while Nina gets into a taxi headed for the airport. Sonny calls Brick to look for her and finds out she's headed to Milan. Nina heads back to the cemetery to look for the necklace and runs into Sonny. Sonny doesn't want her to leave town, but Nina says she can't stay without Wiley in her life.

Nina says it hurts too much to stay. Sonny asks how Wiley will feel when he finds out she gave up on him. Sonny says Wiley will believe the lies if she runs away. Nina believes that it's too late, but Sonny says she needs to prove she loves Wiley. Nina agrees to stay in town despite not knowing how she can watch Wiley grow up without her.

Sam's interested in Dante and Cody's history as the two reminisce about summer camp when they were kids. Cody asks about Sam and Dante's relationship, and it comes up that Sonny Corinthos is Dante's father. Sam invites Cody to dinner tomorrow, but he says he's only in town for the day. Sam says the Quartermaine's are looking for a horse handler, a position up Cody's alley, but he declines the offer.

Josslyn worries that something is going on with Cameron, but the two are interrupted by Adam, who apologizes to Josslyn for the rude things he said to her when the video was released. Josslyn accepts his apology.

Trina thanks Rory for a lovely day at the pool as he drops her off at home. Taggert is surprised to find them together and wonders who Rory is. Portia is less than thrilled when Taggert interrogates Rory. Taggert wonders why he's hanging out with Trina. Rory says he checked the rules and nothing says he can't hang out with Trina while she awaits trial. After Taggert and Rory leave, Trina and Portia share a squeee moment about all things Rory.

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Previous General Hospital (GH) Recap: Esme Makes a Quick Getaway When Spencer and Ava Return

Spencer apologizes to Esme for how bad things have gotten between them and how he treated her. Spencer asks for another chance and says he's trying to do better by her. Esme says it doesn't look like he's trying that hard and she deserves better. Esme mentions how she was ready to walk away, but Nikolas talked her out of it. Spencer promises to do anything to make things right between them again. Esme says she loves and forgives him, and wants a new beginning for them.

Nikolas admits he was ready to give up on their marriage and Ava agrees she was as well. She thinks they can find their way back from this. Ava thinks they're unbeatable when they work as a team and they need to protect the life they've built together. Ava leans in for a kiss, but Nikolas backs away. He says it will take time for things to be normal between them again.

Nikolas mentions he's still trying to work things out with Spencer. Ava offers to let Spencer stay, even with the looser purse strings, but isn't happy about Esme. Nikolas says the two might be breaking up, according to Esme.

Ava tells Spencer he doesn't have to move out, but can stay and work things out with Nikolas. She's dismissive of Esme until Esme tells them she and Spencer have worked things out, and she's staying as well.

Alone, Nikolas tells Esme that neither Ava nor Spencer can find out what happened between them, and Esme agrees. 

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