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Josh Kelly Talks Boarding General Hospital: "The Timing Seems Kind of Perfect"

Cody Bell, General Hospital

General Hospital Josh Kelly (Cody) is a familiar face to some ABC soap fans. He starred on One Life to Live as Cutter Wentworth in the latter days of the Llanview-set show. Now, Kelly has moved to Port Charles, sitting down with Soap Opera Digest to chat about to his return to daytime.

Kelly began contemplating a return to a sudser after a pal auditioned for a different GH character in 2021. He reflected: 

He was like, ‘Dude, you should go in for this role.' And I was like, ‘You know what? I miss working regularly.’ I’ve had a lot of fun doing other projects, but these last two years, I shot a pilot and then it was on hold throughout Covid — in two years, I got to do one scene, essentially. And also, I’ve had to go to Memphis or Albuquerque or Atlanta [to film on location] and I love traveling, but my home is in Los Angeles and I’ve never gotten to work here. I also missed being part of a little acting troupe family. So I actually texted [Executive Producer] Frank Valentini. I was like, ‘Hey, why am I not on GH?’ 

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Valentini, with whom he worked on OLTL, responded positively. Kelly added:

It meant a lot to me. I’d always felt like I wanted to do more [in daytime]. ONE LIFE TO LIVE was canceled kind of right when I was getting my legs underneath me and getting into my stride. So this, in a weird way, feels like I’m fulfilling my original contract. Frank and I, we’ve kept in touch and I’ve actually visited the set of GH a couple of times because I’ve had some friends working there, and I did some work on GREY’S ANATOMY and they shoot at the same lot. Whenever I’m over there, I always send him a text message and I’d come in and we’d talk, but the timing [to possibly join GH] has never been right. And now the timing seems kind of perfect.

Coming to Port Charles has particular significance for the actor. Kelly mused:

GENERAL HOSPITAL was the only soap opera that I watched when I was younger. My sister had control of the TV when we got home from high school, so we would watch GENERAL HOSPITAL and then I would get to watch BATMAN. The same thing kind of happened with my parents — when my dad was in the Navy, pretty much his whole squadron became addicted to the Luke [Tony Geary] and Laura [Genie Francis] saga. My family and friends are always happy for me [when I land a new job], but my sister seems to be really geeking out about this one! It’s really cool to be part of such a legacy show.