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Report: Radar Obtains Court Documents in Ingo Rademacher's Suit Against Disney

Ingo Rademacher, General Hospital

Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jax, General Hospital) is continuing with his lawsuit against ABC. According to court records reportedly obtained by Radar Online, Rademacher is asking that the network not be allowed to obtain documents from an organization called Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids after ABC issued a subpoena for them. 

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Rademacher claimed that ABC served the group because they believed it funded his lawsuit. He said that ABC is trying to obtain “confidential communications and attorney work product between” him, his attorneys, and a “speculated litigation funder.” He went on to allege harassment and intimidation efforts against Rademacher and others in an effort to “destroy Ingo’s character."

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Rademacher's lawyer said:

ABC is not entitled to sensitive, private information that is irrelevant to Ingo’s allegations concerning privacy rights and unlawful discrimination, through a subpoena or otherwise. ABC is also not entitled to know whether any persona or entity is financing this litigation.

Last year, the Australian star was let go from the soap after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine when his request for a religious exemption was denied. In his subsequent lawsuit against ABC, Rademacher alleged that this constituted religious discrimination and violated privacy rights.