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Karamo Brown Previews Talk Show: "I’m Coming With Something Fresh and New"

Karamo Brown is set to headline a new talk show this fall. What does he plan to bring to the table? The Queer Eye star teased what's to come in an interview with Los Angeles magazine.

He said:

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I love the celebrity shows, but there are millions of people at home who will never interact with a celebrity and who are having problems with their mom, their sister, their brother, cousin, with their partner, who are feeling alone, feeling lost, and I’m like, ‘How do we talk to those people?’ No shade, but Dr. Phil [McGraw] is 40 years my senior. We have different perspectives on the world and how we want to help people. I respect what he has done, but I’m coming with something fresh and new.

Maury Povich has been a source of support, Brown revealed. He added:

Maury has been exceptional, I will tell you that part. Maury has been a breath of intelligence and guidance and has been so encouraging of ushering in something new. There’s gonna be no baby mama stuff, running off like that on my show, but the encouragement of having him be like, ’it’s time for something to be ushered in new,’ was really nice.

To be one of the few LGBTQ+ voices in daytime is an important responsibility for Brown, who explained:

I actually love this responsibility. We have a few platforms that are out there, and I’ve been blessed to be given one and I’m not going to take it lightly. It’s about through my lens, how are we talking about issues that affect the LGBT community? How are we talking about issues that affect the black community? How are we talking about the issues that affect the intersection of those communities? How are we talking about women and how are we presenting women?