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The Young and the Restless Recap: Ashland Gets a Reprieve When Victoria Forgives Him

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 6, 2022
Ashland Locke, The Young and the Restless

Robert Newman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman: Victor tells Victoria that her problems with Ashland will be over soon. While Nikki talks about their trip, Victoria gets a text from Ashland that he will never stop loving her. Victoria declines her parents' offer for dinner, but Victor and Nikki don't believe she's going home.

Abbott mansion: Phyllis apologizes to Jack and takes full responsibility for what she did. She admits that Diane has a permanent space in her head and felt threatened by her. Jack can't get past how easily and quickly Phyllis regressed. When Phyllis promises to change, Jack says he doesn't want to go through the ups and downs with her again. Just as he says it's over, Kyle, Summer, and Diane come in. Jack excuses himself to make a phone call, but left his phone on the table. Phyllis decides to hightail it out.

Kyle brings Jack his phone. Summer tells Diane she thinks more's happening than meets the eye. Diane says neither one confide in her. Kyle returns and says Jack wants to be alone. Summer leaves to check on Phyllis.

Society: Nikki tells Victor that Victoria didn't talk about Ashland on their trip. Victor tells her about the restraining order. They're concerned about Victoria's feelings and Victor thinks they need to keep them from crossing paths.

Diane comes in with Kyle. When they leave, they both address Kyle and ignore Diane. Diane tells her what happened with Nikki and Kyle wonders if her return is causing her more harm than good for her.

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Grand Phoenix: Ashland's packed and ready to go when Victoria stops by. Ashland tells her how he lost and can't fight anymore. Ashland tells a surprised Victoria about Victor and Michael's legal bullying, including the restraining order.

Ashland says she changed him, even though they're over. He gets emotional admits he lied to her and will do what he has to rectify it. Ashland says he would do anything for her and says she's better off with out him. Victoria says she wants him to stay and believes him. Ashland leans in for a kiss, but Victoria pulls back. She wants to take thinks slowly and Ashland says he'll wait.

Phyllis tells Summer that Diane is poison and pure unadulterated evil. Phyllis advises her to get Diane out of town before she hurts Kyle. Summer wants to know what Diane did, but Phyllis can only say she will destroy lives forever. Phyllis walks away from Summer and heads to her room. She gets a call from Daniel.

Back at the Abbotts: Jack opens up to Traci about what happened with Phyllis. He tells her how good things were between them until she broke it. Jack says it's over for good and can't believe he's "here again." Traci tells him to feel bad tonight and he can put his happy face back on tomorrow.

Back at Society: Summer wants to talk with Kyle privately. Diane says it's late and excuses herself so they can talk. Summer tells Kyle she thinks Phyllis is heading for a breakdown or a blowup over Diane. She says Diane is the powder keg and Phyllis is the match.

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