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CBS Resurrects "Feel The Heat" Campaign For Nostalgic Daytime Summer Promo


The Eye Network is casting an eye back...and forwards! Deadline reports that CBS is relaunching its 1985 campaign, which featured the Robert Palmer tune "Some Like It Hot," in 2022. The new spot features the same song, played over clips of steamy daytime hookups. The promo will be used to push The Young and the RestlessThe Bold and the BeautifulThe Talk, The Price is Right, and Let’s Make a Deal.

President and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Benson said the idea to go retro came from CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl. Benson recalled:

He stumbles upon things and we share with each other. Kelly was cracking up look at the old spots from daytime, and so I asked why can’t we bring that back in some way? Nostalgia is really resonating with audiences today. People want to go back in a time that they remember when life was different and simpler.

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The original campaign helped kick off CBS's daytime dominance, to which the network hopes to return. Benson added:

When you use music in your marketing, it’s a short cut to emotional engagement, especially to audiences who remember songs like that.

Peep the original and revamped ads here.