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Perkie's Observations: Dante Warns Michael to Stop Plotting Against Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 8, 2022
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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

On today's General Hospital recap: Selina complains to Sonny about the change in harbor masters and how the previous one was her point person for her shipments. She says she had a deal with Sonny and wonders if there will be changes. Sonny promises to handle the situation since he controls the area. Selina wants to know if someone new is making a move.

Brando talks to Dante about Dex and feels there's something off about him. He's worried Dex will see Michael as a problem to solve to impress Sonny.

Michael tells Dex he's on private property and needs to leave. Dex tries to throw his weight around saying he came for a reason, just as Dante and Brando arrive. Brando escorts Dex out and back to Sonny's, while Dante checks in on Michael, who tells him to mind his own business.

Dante asks Michael about the problems that Sonny's business is having. Dante says what Michael is doing will just make things worse. Michael accuses Dante of siding with Sonny, but Dante says he's trying to keep the peace. Michael complains about Sonny and Nina, and how he doesn't want peace. Michael says Sonny has proven he doesn't care about his family.

Michael says he wants Wiley to grow up the son of a successful businessman and not the grandson of a mobster. Dante says Michael is obsessed with revenge, which doesn't make him any better than Sonny.

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Brando tells Sonny about finding Dex at the Quartermaines, but Dex denies being there to harm Michael.

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Sonny warns Dex he'll kill him if he goes after Sonny's children. Sonny says his family is off limits. Sonny tells Dex to do as he asks and nothing more, but Dex says that doesn't work for him. Dex says Sonny wants someone who can anticipate problems and deal with them. Sonny says Dex hasn't earned his trust. Dex apologizes for going to see Michael, but Sonny reminds him again to obey his orders.

Brad talks to Brook Lynn about the spectacle Britt made at the pool. He says he feels badly since he's the one who posted it online. Cody arrives as Brook Lynn's leaving, and he and Brad talk about the incident, but Britt interrupts. Britt complains to Brad about sending the video, but he says he's worried about her. He wants to know what's been bothering her. Britt is angry with Brad until Cody interrupts, and he and Britt argue with each other.

Selina drags Brad away to discuss their business and how she's impressed with his work. Brad says he's ready for more and wants to make a real contribution.

Gladys is driving Sasha crazy, accusing her of following her everywhere. Gladys admits she's been hovering, but she's worried Sasha will slip up. Sasha says Gladys can't protect her from her addiction. Sasha swears her heart attack was a wake up call and she wants to stay clean. Sasha gets a package, which turns out to be a pair of shoes she ordered when she was pregnant. Sasha cries as Brook Lynn arrives to talk about Deception business. Sasha leaves the room to compose herself.

Brook Lynn tells Gladys she'll take the shoes and donate them. She mentions how upset she was after giving up Bailey and can't imagine what it's like for Sasha. Gladys thinks she should check on Sasha and Brook Lynn wonders why she seems overly concerned. Later, Gladys spots Sasha with a bottle of pills and knocks it out of her hands, just as Brando arrives.

Dante asks Sonny about Dex. Sonny promises Dex has seen the light and will follow all of his orders from now on.

Dex meets with Michael again and calls him "boss". Michael warns him that coming to the Quartermaines was out of line. Dex reminds him that Michael hired him to take down Sonny. 

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