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Good Morning America's Robin Roberts: "I Know The Importance of Having Come Out"

Robin Roberts, Good Morning America

Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts opened up to People about coming out as a lesbian and publicly being her true self. The journalist shared her insights and memories with the magazine in a new interview.

Roberts recalled:

I know the importance of having come out. I had help. I was so inspired by my dear, dear friend, and GMA colleague Sam Champion. I knew he was gay. He knew I was gay. Our colleagues, our bosses, they all knew. Then in 2012, when Sam got married to Rubem [Robierb], his husband, I was there at the wedding. I was able to see how our bosses at ABC embraced it. They never said, 'Hey, should you rethink this.' And then to see how the public was so supportive, that really opened my eyes.

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She added:

But I didn't come out necessarily for me. I did it because I love [my partner] Amber [Laign]. I was just thanking everybody. I did it via a simple social media post where I thanked my doctors, my parents. But then, was I not going to thank this woman who had been by me through this illness? But people got it. 'Oh, she's just grateful,' they said. 'It's just love.' They didn't make it anything more than me living my life.

Roberts noted:

For the longest time, before I came out publicly in 2013, I would think, 'Well, everybody knows I am gay. My family knows I am gay. My colleagues, bosses...' All true. If I was walking down the street I would introduce Amber. But I wasn't ready to say it publicly, even though I felt that I was being public. What a waste of time! And why? Because I was afraid. Because I was afraid people couldn't think I could be a Christian and gay. And then I realized, if somebody who looks like me was to come along, maybe I could give them a little more courage. Maybe they would know they were not walking alone.