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WATCH: Amanda Seales Thinks She Should Have Been Part of The Real's Finale Retrospective (VIDEO)

Actress Amanda Seales is not too happy with The Real these days. For the now-defunct show's finale tour, promo videos included all the hosts of The Real from the start of the show up to its cancellation.

Seales, who came on the talk show during Season Six for six months, posted a video on Instagram on June 4 and stated:

So apparently The Real, in their finale episode, did promo. I am not featured in this thumbnail and I am not featured in the farewell episode, apparently. I’ll have some things to say about that.

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Soon after her departure, Seales said in an interview she left the show because it "broke her spirit," and not being able to discuss specific issues was a "betrayal to my people and to me as a person." 

Seales appeared on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, where she spoke out more about being left out of the retrospective. She told the radio show hosts she felt being left out was intentional and despite her remarks after exiting:

In this particular instance, I'm going to stand on the fact that at the end of the day, if you're going to do a retrospective of the show over the year its been on and the hosts that have been on it, it don't matter what I say, I was a host on the show.

Seales insisted despite her brief tenure on the show, she gave huge contributions and they should be recognized. Watch her discussion below.