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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bill Offers Ridge Sympathy Before Setting Him Straight on His Marriage

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for June 8, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Brooke's: Hope questions Brooke if her decision to boot Deacon is because of Ridge. Brooke says no, but she never listened to Ridge's opinion about Deacon before and she's standing by him now. Brooke tells Deacon and Hope she won't interfere in their relationship. Deacon wants to talk to Brooke alone and she limits him to five minutes.

Brooke explains she's desperately trying to save her marriage, and doesn't need Deacon running in and out of their house. Deacon claims that Ridge's demands are getting in her head and tells her not to let Ridge dictate her life. 

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Forrester: Ridge gets really upset when Bill comes in. He wants him to leave, but Bill is there to offer his sympathies to Steffy and her family in person. Ridge appreciates his words and explains that Steffy left town for a short time to regroup. Talk turns to Brooke.

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Bill thinks Sheila has power over him as long as he stays away from Brooke and his marriage. He tells Ridge to go home to his wife. Ridge says it's none of his business, but Bill isn't deterred. When alone, Ridge ponders Bill's wise words with flashbacks of Brooke.

Just then, Brooke calls. She misses him and says he should be in their home together. Brooke informs him that she told Hope and Deacon he's no longer welcome there. Brooke tells him he loves him before they hang up. Then, Brooke has flashbacks of her own about Ridge.

The Back Shack: Liam wonders what Hope's opinion is about Brooke's decision, but she wonders how her own involvement may have caused problems before. She's opting to stay out of it. Hope distracts Liam with kisses and runs her hands up every inch of his hard AF body. She informs him the kids are gone for the night...and so goes his shirt. They opt to have sex in the room with the giant windows that everyone and their uncle barges into on the daily.

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