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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad Admits to Abigail That He Knew Lucas Kidnapped Sami

Days of Our Lives Recap for June 8, 2022
Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera mansion: Shirtless EJ has a dirty dream about Belle when she appears in his room. She wants to know if she could get some clothes from Abigail since she doesn't have any with her (gurl, you don't want Abigail's clothes). Belle laments to EJ how her parents must be disappointed in her, but EJ thinks she's being too hard on herself. EJ arranges for a more permanent room for her with Harold.

Abigail tells Chad she has a solid lead on Sami's kidnapping. She was able to track down the second man in Wisconsin via a contact. Chad isn't sure she will get the story she's looking for and tells Abigail she's not going to Milwaukee. Abigail doesn't take that order very well and Chad eventually tells Abigail he knows who the kidnapper is...Lucas. He explains how Lucas framed EJ. He asks Abigail to stay quiet, just as EJ walks in with Belle. 

When alone, Abigail says she hates lying, but says she's on Chad's side.

Later, Belle returns EJ's robe, just as he's coming out of the shower.

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Marlena and John's: Kate comes by to invite the Blacks to a goodbye breakfast for Will. Marlena admits she's worried about Belle and fills Kate in on what happened. Kate sides with Belle and advises her to refer Jan to another psychiatrist.

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Marlena gets a text that Belle stayed at EJ's and Kate wonders what that's all about. Kate tells Marlena that Sami shouldn't care about EJ pursuing Belle because she's with Lucas. Marlena heartily disagrees, but is grateful Lucas saved Sami.

Brady Pub: Lucas explains to Roman that he's icing his hand because of EJ. Roman wonders if it was really EJ and admits he's got some unanswered questions about the kidnapping. Roman thinks EJ was framed and says the evidence just doesn't add up. Lucas diverts Roman's attention by asking if he can marry Sami, and Roman agrees as Kate and Marlena arrive.

Kate warns Lucas not to get too deep into the hole with Sami as Will and Sonny come in. Kate gets an urgent text and has to leave. After breakfast, everyone says their goodbyes.

Kiriakis mansion: Sonny wakes up from a nightmare that he walked in on Will and Leo in bed. The shirtless men console each other the best way they know how.

DiMera tunnels: Gwen calls and Leo thanks her for giving him the layout of the tunnels so he could have a place to crash. Leo walks outside the door and runs into Thomas, who's playing hide and seek with Charlotte. Leo tells Thomas he's the tooth fairy and he has to keep it a secret because no one ever sees the tooth fairy in person. 

Thomas reappears from the tunnels and Abigail tells him he's not supposed to be down there. Thomas slips up that he saw someone and Abigail wants to know who it was. Thomas says he saw the tooth fairy.

Horton Square: Chad tells Kate he told Abigail that Lucas kidnapped Sami.

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