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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Gets Enraged at Abigail and Threatens Her

Days of Our Lives Recap for June 9, 2022
Gwen Rizczech, Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Kate wants to know why Chad opened his trap about Lucas. Chad explains how Abigail planned to meet with the second henchman, but Kate isn't sure he would have talked. Chad promises Abigail will keep quiet, but Kate's uneasy about his promise.

Brady Pub: Clyde approaches Lucas and says he saw his dustup with EJ. Clyde tries to make a connection by trash-talking EJ about how he accused Lucas of kidnapping Sami when they shared a cell. Clyde eludes to Lucas that he believes EJ, putting Lucas in a bind (Clyde's cat and mouse game will surely unnerve Lucas).

Kate returns and sees him staring at the drink Clyde left behind.

Shawn and Belle's: Jan tells Shawn she's waiting on Marlena and her first appointment. Shawn asks Marlena about Belle. Marlena says she stayed at the DiMera's...all within earshot of Jan. Shawn takes off in a huff.

Jan swears to Marlena she wants to get better for her and her baby. Marlena promises to end the sessions if she suspects Jan's up to no good. While they talk, Jan has extreme pains and begs Marlena to help her.

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DiMera mansion: Susan appears and tells Abigail she has a strong feeling there's a strong presence in the mansion. Susan offers to go with Abigail to look in the tunnels. Gwen makes an urgent call to Abigail to come see her at the prison. She hangs up on Gwen.

Shirtless EJ and Belle share an awkward moment, and he asks about her breakfast. Belle says it disappeared. She assures him she didn't tell anyone that Clyde left him for dead.

Susan's getting vibes that something's coming on between EJ and Belle. Shawn says he wants to know if the vibes are true. Belle says she doesn't own him an explanation since they're separated. Shawn accuses Belle of sleeping with EJ. Belle denies it and rails on Shawn about how her parents betrayed her. Marlena calls Shawn to tell him that Jan's in labor at the hospital.

Belle starts to feel guilty because the baby's premature and EJ tries to support her.

Statesville: Abigail wants to know if Gwen wants to talk about her grandmother. Gwen relishes that Abigail's been chewing on that bone and says it's not about Laura. Gwen wants Abigail to give Jack a birthday gift, a mug she made in art therapy. Abigail busts out laughing at the sad mug, but relents when Gwen says Jack's all she has. Abigail picks up the mug and drops it on the floor. Gwen vows to make her pay as Abigail walks out.

Gwen calls someone (Leo?) to talk about Abigail. She says if she can't spend Jack's birthday with him, neither can Abigail.

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