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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Flies Off The Handle When He Hears Victoria's Plans

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 8, 2022
Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman: Victoria's family is not happy with her choice to stay with Ashland. Nick wonders how she can fall for Ashland's lies again. Victoria claims she knows what's she's doing. Nikki wonders if Victoria will leave and not say where she's going. Victoria accuses Nick of thinking she owes him in exchange for his help and support.

Victor says she's blinded by love, but she doesn't care what they think. Nikki implores her to stay in town and not walk away from a job she spent a lifetime working for. Adam watches with a keen eye as Victoria debates with the others. Victor yells at Victoria about what a fraud Ashland is. He rails on Victoria and says she will be making the biggest mistake of her life...and she walks out. Nikki side-eyes Victor.

Nick thinks the only person who can convince Victoria to walk away is Ashland himself. Victor tells Nikki he refuses to give up on their daughter. Later, Nikki and Victor get concerned when their calls to Victoria go unanswered.

Chancellor Park: Noah and Allie randomly run into each other. She raves about the dazzling Jabot chemistry lab. Allie admits her father never mentioned his Abbott connections and she wonders how it may have been different for them. Noah commiserates with Allie about the up and down relationship between Nick and Victor. He invites her to Crimson Lights to see Mariah and Tessa.

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Crimson Lights: Sharon greets Mariah and Tessa when they return from their Parisian honeymoon. They talk about their trip, Rey, Nick, and Faith heading off to college. Noah and Allie come in and he offers to get everyone their drinks.

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Nick comes in and asks about the honeymoon. Once Mariah hands his gifts, the gals depart, as does Noah. Nick fills Sharon about Victoria's decision to take Ashland back and give up everything. She advises him not to push, but be available if it doesn't work out.

Grand Phoenix: Victoria explains to Ashland what happened with her family. Ashland says Victor won't let her go without a fight and they have to be ready for what's next. Victoria proposes they leave ASAP and asks where he wants to go, but she has one thing left to deal with.

Newman Media: Adam summons Sally to give her the latest tea about Victoria. Sally is positively giddy about the news. Adam explains how mad she was at the family for not trusting her judgment. When Adam tells her Victoria's walking away, Sally wonders who will step in. Adam says he's just gonna get some popcorn and watch the show.

Chancellor Industries: Victoria goes to Billy and says she's leaving town. She explains she's finally taking his advice and getting out from under Victor's thumb. Billy is supportive until he asks Victoria if this has to do with Ashland.

Back at the GP: Victor comes to see Ashland, who's been expecting him. Victor tells him it won't be that easy for him to walk away with everything he wants.

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